Anti-Ageing Treatment

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Anti-Ageing Treatment

 Most women face the challenge of wrinkles as they age. Wrinkles on the face can also develop due to muscle over activity and repeated expressions . Here at Sareen Hair Clinic , we have various treatments to give you a wrinkle free , smooth and glowing skin.



Fillers are injected under the skin to provide a youthful look to the individual. There are various types of fillers and before using a particular type the individual’s condition and needs are first ascertained.

The main purpose of using Wrinkle Filler Injection is to restore volume to the face and reduce the facial wrinkles. With age, the subcutaneous fat reduces and fine lines and wrinkles develop. The facial conditions that occur can also be due to sun exposure, genetic conditions, and lifestyles.

The functions of dermal fillers are to plump up thin lips and make them full, improve the contours of the face reduce the creases ad the wrinkles, lessens the recessed – scars, reconstruct contour deformities and remove the shadow that the lower lip causes in some cases. They are safe to use in face rejuvenation surgery.

 How many of loved to have chin and jaw line the celebs and models? Facelift surgery, clinically known as rhytidectomy, is a procedure used to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles and other telltale signs of aging, with the goal of improving the overall appearance of the face and jaw. Facelift surgery can help to reverse the harmful effects of time, stress, and exposure to the elements. To perform this procedure, a facial plastic surgeon will lift and tighten the underlying muscles of the face to create more aesthetically pleasing contours appearance and rejuvenate the facial structure. Then he or she will remove excess pockets of fat and skin that can contribute to an aged, tired appearance.An experienced, skilled plastic surgeon will perform this procedure with an artistic eye and extraordinary attention to detail so that patients will be left with negligible scarring and beautiful, natural-looking results. 

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procedures Effects

  • No Pain
  • No Scar
  • Instant Results
  • Long Lasting Effects
  • Completely Natural Look

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