Body hair transplant is meant for patients who do not enough hair on the head for transplanting. Hair from other parts of the body, such as from the legs, stomach, arms, chest, back and the armpits are taken for body hair transplant. Hairs that are similar to head hairs in quality and structure are only used for body hair transplant. The procedure uses FUE technique to remove the hairs. The extracted hairs are then implanted as in other hair transplant procedures.

When selecting the donor area, the thickness, direction and curl of the hairs will be considered for achieving best results. Body hair transplant is a choice only for those who suffer from extreme cases of baldness and those who lack or have poor quality hair at the back of their scalp.

The procedure:

Individual follicular units are extracted using a special device. The graft is then extracted from the donor site (any part of the body). The prepared graft is then implanted in the recipient area.


  • People who do not have enough hair on the common donor area (back side of the scalp) can also get their hair restored.
  • No scar.
  • No stitch.

Even though, the procedure has minimal operational risks, certain other factors should also be considered before choosing. It is vital to have a detailed discussion about the procedure, its results and complications with the doctor. There can be cases, where the results can be unnatural and undesirable. Choosing the right candidate is vital to get the desired results. The procedure is more expensive than other procedures and requires more time to perform. For these reasons, body hair transplant is not recommended for all patients.

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