Cosmetic Surgery

Sareen clinic is happy to provide you with all the information that you need about cosmetic surgery. It will be very much helpful to you before taking a decision to have any kind of cosmetic surgery. First and foremost, one should know what is it and what are its complications.

Cosmetic surgery:

The main goal of the cosmetic surgery is to enhance an individual’s appearance. The surgery can be performed on any part of the body, including the face. There are various procedure available under cosmetic surgery. It can even be opted for correcting any physical abnormality. The surgery will have all the possible risks and complications of any other surgery. Each surgery possesses its own risks and complications. It is important to have a detailed discussion with the doctor regarding the possibilities and risks of the surgery.

Few years back, cosmetic surgery was done only for health reasons. But, now the trend has changed. People who want to eliminate or improve some of their body features are choosing cosmetic surgery more than for health reasons. A cosmetic surgery may not give the same result for everyone. So, one who expects a dramatic result should understand the possibilities of the procedure. Cosmetic surgeries can be painful and painless. It can be painless only if one is choosing for laser treatments. Lasers are the new interventions in cosmetic surgery.


Liposuction sought out almost every problem of body areas with extra fat which is resistant to other process like dieting and exercise. It gives them a perfect reshaped body. The curiosity of looking good is always there in everyone we always want to look fit and in shape because of eating habits or working schedule it is not easy to maintain a perfect personality before cosmetic surgery people are helpless to do anything about which is not good in their body. Problems from birth or any injuries happen because of some accident people cant do anything about that but cosmetic surgery give them hope not only hope but results that are amazing and unbelievable for them therefore the demand of cosmetic surgery is increased in society. Liposuction is process of suction out that unwanted fat from the body areas which is resistant to exercise and dieting.

Liposuction process is performed in many ways by using different techniques, where in traditional way fat is suctioned out by using a hollow tube known asCannula. It is inserted through the incisions made by the surgeon on the patients body and a appropriate amount fat is suctioned out. It is performed on various parts of the body process like arm lift , arm lift is the process of removing fat from upper arms. So as mentioned above various process are named according to the body area abdomen treatment through liposuction is known as tummy tuck. As we know in this modern world experiments and new discoveries are done and the way treatment or living everything changes from time to time. So also in the process many experiments are done and surgeons discovered many new ways of performingLiposuctionby combining with other new technologies to make it more safe and easier and with better results for the patients.

Cosmetic Facial Injections

Cosmetic facial injections are for restoring youthful fullness to a persons face, to provide plump lips, and to get reshape facial creases and wrinkles, as aging has many effect on human body to look younger than actual age people try these non-surgical procedure. Facial injections are one of the most important and essential discovery done in cosmetic sector. Many methods and substances have been used to treat facial wrinkles and to conceal the effects of aging on the face. First many surgical procedures are performed to reduce the effect of aging but now a days non-surgical procedures are preferred because of no downtime in this procedures changes are instantly noticed after the procedure completion. Dermal fillers are mainly used in this non-surgical procedure. Dermal fillers have been called liquid facelifts because they offer many of the benefits of a surgical facelift without the downtime and provide immediate results at a lower cost than surgery. These treatment arent permanent, however, and they must be repeated and maintained. Some dermal fillers are used in conjunction with other skin rejuvenation treatments such as injections of botulin toxin. According to the patients need and desire. Cosmetic laser surgery clinic provides you the best non-surgical procedures in India. In Facial injection fillers are injected as an outpatient.

Types of Dermal Fillers:-

Here we provide you with the knowledge of available dermal fillers these are of two types bio-compatible and synthetic. Bio-compatible fillers are not permanent while synthetic fillers are permanent. Bio-compatible fillers ideally the effects of a filler should last about 12 months. This allows reasonable respite from the injections and also enables accommodation of changes in the face which may occur with continued aging. Collagen implants are prepared from three sources: bovine, human. Collagen synthesis may also be increased by fibroblast stimulation or injection of cultured cells. Bovine Preparations is a highly purified or monomolecular form in different concentrations and mixed with local anesthetic. it will be completely absorbed within 3 to 6 months. Human Preparations are a preparation of human collagen, elastic fibers and other dermal components from screened donors. Effects last from 3 to 12 months. Autologous Preparations require skin harvest, which is processed into a collagen suspension for injection and requires 2-3 treatments over a 3 month period. This is reported to provide greater than 75% correction for more than a year. Inject-able Fibroblasts are cultured from a small skin biopsy and Gradual improvement occurs over 6 months and repeat injections can be prepared as required from the original biopsy. Polylatic acid stimulates fibroblast production. The effect takes 4 to 6 weeks to achieve but can last for years. Hyaluronic acid preparations (hyaluronan) are obtained by bacterial synthesis or from an avian source and are cross linked to varying degrees to maximize elasticity and persistence

In synthetic permanent dermal fillers Methyl methacrylate has been used for many years as bone cement for joint replacement surgery. One preparation utilizes Methyl methacrylate micro spheres suspended in bovine collagen whilst an alternative suspends them in Hyaluronic acid. These are intended to permit even distribution of the micro spheres prior to absorption of the collagen or Hyaluronic acid. A series of injections are required to achieve the final result. Polyacrylamide Gel is used alone or in combination with polyvinyl micro spheres. The injected volume is reported to diminish by one third post injection and then build up again over the next 2 months. The augmentation is supposed to be permanent but additional injections may be required. Cosmetic laser surgery clinic provides you a range of cosmetic facial injections to reduce the effects of aging that enhance personality of a person and young looking face.

Lip Enhancement

Lips are very important features of face an appearance of a person people who are not comfortable or happy with the way their lips are goes for treatment like lip enhancement. Lip enhancement is a cosmetic or non-surgical procedure that to give better appearance of the lips by increasing their fullness through enlargement. Full lips with an accentuated border have often been associated with beauty and youth.

Arm Lift

Sometimes small things can change the whole look same case is with human body a person with an ideal physique and one small thing like the flab in upper arms also known as bat wings put a person from ideal physique to nowhere. Actually this issue is with many individuals, and fat accumulated on this area is very challenging to eliminate by other methods. With flabby upper arms you cant wear sleeveless clothes. For these kinds of issues arm lift is fabulous solution for it.

A small incision is made nearby the elbow or armpit crease and inserts cannula to deliver laser beam, radio frequency or even ultrasound energy is loaded into the spot to liquefy the fat and then it is suctioned out. Approximately 90 minutes are taken in performing arm lift it is relatively a simple procedure performed on outpatient basis. A patient with good psychological state and medical conditions are treated under this procedure. The flap in upper arms doesnt respond to exercise and diet arm lift procedure is best step to improve the shape of arms the results are more better when performed on patients whose skin has retained some elasticity and also overall tone.


There are many procedure for lip enhancement and different technique is used like fat transfer in which surgeon harvest the patient fat by using process like liposuction and excision from places on the body where it can be spared and either injected or surgically placed into the lips. Surgical applications usually require general anesthesia. Autologen is a dermal material made from the patients own skin and injected back to body. No risk of allergy exists but the results are very temporary because the body quickly absorbs the material. Restylane, a non-animal, clear gel that is reported to be very close to the hyaluronic acid found naturally in the body. The substance usually lasts six months and, sometimes, longer. While juvederm is extremely chemically close to Restylane; many surgeons find that the former is slightly smoother to inject. Both Artecoll and ArteFill are not used to inject the body of the lips because the substance is heavy and would show as white through the thin skin of the lips. Additionally, both products contain tiny microspheres known as polymethylmethacrylate which remain in the face permanently. In cases where Artecoll has been used around the edges of the lips to remove fine lines and wrinkles, some patients have reported annoying nodules or small lumps. In a few cases, surgery was required to remove the Artecoll. Lip plumber is a cosmetic product used to make lips appear fuller. These products work by irritating the skin of the lips with ingredients such as capsaicin. This makes the lips swell slightly, temporarily creating the appearance of fuller lips.

Acne Solutions

In present times a common problem faced by men and women are acne. It is also generally known as pimples. And the reason why this problem occurs is because human bodies have very tiny pores in surface of skin they are hair follicle when these pores get filled by excess of oil, dead skin cells or dirt as these pores are perfect place for the growth of the bacteria therefore pimples are seen. Reasons for pimples are bacteria, hormonal imbalance, food habits, weather, genetic problems, and oil producing glands in the skin, use of certain chemicals or any cosmetic products that also leads to it. Acne can spoil anyone looks it doesnt matter how beautiful you are a single acne can ruin it totally some times. People try many cures and various procedures to get rid of these but they stay away for sometime from face and body but a little mistake done in eating or performing the procedure and they are back. What we need is a permanent solution for acne problems and this is what provided by Doctor P. K TALWAR a permanent solution for your acne problems. There can be different forms of acne such as mild acne, moderately severe acne or severe acne. Amongst these, severe acne is the most serious, since it can cause pain free pimples on the skin and can also leave permanent scars. Acne can occur on the face, upper back or the chest.

Treatment for acne scar

Dermabrasion and chemical peels are the earlier procedures used by the doctors which were very painful method for patients to get rid of this problem. It is also take long time which increases the discomfort to the patients. In Dr. Talwar cosmetic surgery clinic the Laser acne surgery was used for the comforts of patients it is very comfortable and pain free procedure and time taken in the completion of procedure is very less as compare to other procedures. Laser works right beneath the skin surface, thereby stimulating the collagen production and tightens the overall skin without the burn off of the effective area. And its over acne problems are wiped out of patients life forever. The patients after the treatment are satisfied and feel more confident about their appearance. It enhances their confidence and self- esteem. This is one of the most effective and preferred treatment for curing of acne scars.

Nose Correction

Nose is very important part of face it is center of the face and over all look mainly depends on it. The nose surgery involves changes to all or some parts in the nose and reshaping. Nose surgery is required to those who have either problems from birth or problem occur due to some incidents like difficulty in breathing or snoring can be improved by nose surgery. The results achieved are permanent and very pleasing.

Common changes people look for their nose are reducing or enlarging certain areas, smoothing nose humps, narrowing the nose, correcting the deviation and making the nose sharper. Surgeons in India are quite capable of doing nose surgeries very comfortably and produce results as desired by the patients. A discussion with the surgeon is always helpful in understanding patients needs and preferences. Medical history and examination of the nose will be done for avoid any complications and achieve maximum results. Surgeon suggests quitting smoking and use of any medicines that thin the blood.

After the surgery the recovery takes time to couple of weeks. Daily activities can resume in some days and resume to office in a week. A tape will be placed on the nose for 7 days. Surgeons give some suggestions for better and quick recovery like to sleep with an elevation of 45 degree of head to rest of the body. Avoid heavy exercise for some time and heavy food so to mouth has less pressure applied that affect nose. To follow surgeon instructions is very good for patients because by not following them it leads to complications.

Cosmetic Laser Surgery Clinic

Provides a range of surgical and non surgical procedures under which whole body is covered by many procedures to correct problems people are suffering. From hairs to toe every problem is covered like if its hair thenHair Transplantsolutions are there for rectifying them. Face contains many parts like eyes, ears, nose and lips. If someone desired of an ideal face but having problem with any part of the face we are solution to them and the desired face what everybody dream of with perfect ear, eyes, nose and lips is there waiting for you in Cosmetic Laser Surgery Clinic. When it comes to upper body like arms, chest, breast, abdomen, and back all parts are be in perfect shape and size once a person facing issues enters into our clinic

Ideal physique is everybody dream and it is seen commonly that a person is with almost ideal physique but some small issues destroys that ideal physique like a flab in upper arms, loosen abdomen muscles, defect presented from births or caused by any accident and fat accumulated on body parts which cant be eliminated by methods of diet and exercise. In modern life people become more conscious about their looks then before and personal look become quite important for everybody. People with beauty related problems always eager to find solutions for their problem surgery process like face lift and liposuction are very helpful for them to attain a beautiful face and body. A advice for all people is to always consult a experienced and licensed surgeon with all the instrumental setup in their labs.


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