Beautiful eyebrows add more charm to the face. Eyebrow transplant is for those who want to restore or customize their eyebrows. Once, eyebrow transplant was a procedure only for burn victims and people who have certain conditions that prevent hair growth in the eyebrow region. In recent days, people began to consider eyebrow transplant as a cosmetic procedure to enhance their beauty and appearance.

An ideal candidate for eyebrow transplant can be one with:

  • Overly thin eyebrows
  • Scarred eyebrows and
  • Completely missing eyebrows

The procedure:

The hairs are taken from a donor area, usually from the scalp. 50 to 325 eyebrows can be placed to the eyebrow in an eyebrow transplant procedure. It may vary according to the current hair density, and desired density of the individual. The procedure is done under a mild sedative (usually, oral). The hairs taken from the donor area is transplanted to each eyebrow. The whole procedure may require around two hours to complete. Eyebrow transplant is a delicate procedure that requires precision and experience. Our talented team of professionals at Sareen Hair clinic can help you to achieve the desired eyebrow through the best eyebrow transplant procedure.

Recovery and result:

The procedure does not require much time for recovery. The individual can return to normal after the two hours of the procedure. Tiny layers may form around every transplanted hair after 2-4 days. There can be mild pinkness for the first few weeks around the transplanted area. Results will be seen immediately after the procedure. Best results will be shown after a few months.

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