A healthy hair needs healthy scalp to grow. Oxygen therapy or O scalp hair therapy is a procedure that can help protect the natural hair from damage and prevent hair loss. Oxygen therapy is a revolutionary procedure that can detoxify the hair, as well as the scalp. The therapy uses the powerful actions of oxygen combined with natural plant’s stimulants. The therapy helps to clean, nourish, and deeply oxygenate the scalp and hair. The main advantages of the therapy include:

  • Revitalizes damaged and weak hair
  • Promotes healthier hair
  • Covers damages caused due to unhealthy bleaching, colouring, use of dyes etc.
  • Helps in making the hair stronger and thicker
  • Relieves issues like dandruff, dry hair, itchy scalp etc.


 The invention of lasers has conquered the medical world, including all the branches. Laser hair therapy is considered to be one of the most effective method for hair regrowth. The characteristics that make it more popular among people include:

  • Painless
  • Effective
  • No surgery required
  • No medications required
  • No side effects and complications

Results may vary from person to person

Photo-therapy is the base of this technology. The light sent during the procedure creates a photo bio-stimulation effect on the skin of the head. This process increases the blood flow to the follicle, whereby stimulating the cellular metabolism. Laser therapy is effective for both men and women.


 Mesotherapy is one of the treatment options for excessive hair loss and baldness. It is suitable for both men and women for hair regrowth. Meso therapy can even prevent male pattern baldness to a certain extent. The therapy reduces hair loss, prevents male pattern baldness and promote hair growth. It also increases the level of vitamins and nutrients in the scalp of the patient. The main procedure that involves mesotherapy is the injection. A nutrient rich liquid will be first injected into the scalp’s mesoderm. Mesoderm is a layer that lies under the epidermis that connects the tissues of the skin with the layer of fats. The meso therapy may require a course of eight sessions. Visible results will start to show only after the fifth session. The treatment substance for injection will be selected based on the cause for hair loss experienced by the patient.

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