Hair Transplant

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure which redistribute hair follicles out of densely placed grafts, known as the’donor site’, to a bald or balding region of the human body called the’recipient area’. The technique is mostly utilized as a treatment for male pattern hair loss . In this minimally invasive procedure, grafts including hair follicles which are genetically resistant to balding (such as the back area of the scalp ) are transplanted to the bald scalp. Hair transplantation may also be employed to revive lashes , eyebrows, hair thinning hair, chest hair, pubic hair and also to fill scars brought on by surgery or accidents like face-lifts and preceding hair transplants.

hair transplant


  • Hairline designing forms an important part of hair transplant. The surgeon carefully designs the hairline where the grafts will be placed.
  • Next the donor area hair is trimmed and patient is shifted to OT.
  • Under Aseptic conditions , Local Anaesthesia is given to the donor area and depending on the procedure the grafts are extracted.
  • Local anaesthesia is also given to the recipient area and spaces/incisions are made to make place for graft introduction.
  • The last step involves placing the grafts in the recipient area.

Types of Hair Transplant Procedures

robotic hair transplantRobotic hair transplantation is the greatest achievement in the field of Hair Transplants. The robotic systems are used in this procedure to achieve perfection and higher efficiency in order to provide outstanding results.The image-guided robotic system will help in assisting us with a robotic arm which does the follicular unit extraction (FUE) extraction. It is generally time-consuming to remove the grafts from the back of the head and also it requires a lot of concentration by the surgeon.However, here the robotic system which would be guided by the doctor would be able to reproduce the angle, penetration depth and consistency to give very nice grafts for harvesting. The robot machine removes hair grafts one by one and will be able to implant them as well.

Sareen Hair Clinic offers robotic hair transplant at affordable rates. Our centers in India, USA, UK, and Canada provides 2 dollars per graft within just 2 hours
Hair Transplant Procedure

This is an outpatient procedure performed in the doctor’s office, which requires only a local anesthetic. It may take four to eight hours as said by the doctor to achieve the best results. During the process, the individual would be seated comfortably and also the support would be given by doctors and the staff until the entire procedure is completed. The patient feels almost no pain. The follicular units are separated from the surrounding skin.
The separation of the follicular units from the surrounding donor tissue is a highly repetitive and labor-intensive process that requires great precision. This step involves focusing on the punch over the follicular unit and the alignment of the dividing instrument with the follicles to inhibit any damage. In the FUE procedure, this step is usually repeated manually thousands of times which may lead to some human erraticism and error. But the machine does it efficiently. The machine finds the precise location of each follicular unit, recompenses in simultaneous patient movement, and arranges each graft for harvesting. A robotic arm then installs a 1mm needle which contains both sharp and dull components; it extracts the graft and arranges the unit for forceps removal by a doctor. After the removal of a particular follicular unit, the machine rescans the donor region and uses a randomization pattern to select the next graft. The follicular units are then removed from the scalp and robotically transported to a vessel where it would be kept cool and moist up until implantation.

• No stitches or staples used
• Shortens healing time
• Decreases donor scarring
• Number of follicular units increases
• Increased follicular units can be harvested in a specific area.
• Grafts created requires less trimming
• The technique can be customized to the particular person based on different punch sizes
• Less invasive approach
• Speed and efficiency
• Less labor intensity of the procedure.

fue hair transplantFollicular Unit Extraction or FUE is a surgical hair transplant procedure to restore the lost hair. Before going to the procedure steps, it is important to have a bit of knowledge about the hair structure. A typical hair consists of hair shafts, follicles, vellus hair, sebaceous gland, nerve and blood vessels. The hair shafts can be seen above the skin and the follicular units stay on the surface. A hair follicular unit consists of 1-4 hairs. The main objective of the hair transplant procedure is to relocate the intra-follicular units from the donor site (usually, the back side of the head) to the recipient (bald) areas.

In the FUE hair transplant procedure, the follicular units are extracted individually from the scalp using a small, sharp cylindrical punch. The extracted follicular units are then transplanted into the recipient area individually. The procedure uses an automated extraction tool to remove the grafts and then place them in the recipient area. FUE does not require stitches or sutures.

The procedure:

A micro-punching tool and needle device is used to extract the individual follicular units. After that, the graft is extracted directly from the scalp and prepare them for implantation. To have an optimal visualization, the doctor may shave the donor area.


Results will be visible after a few months. Within these months, hair will start to grow in the grafted areas. These hairs look natural and stay permanent.

microhair transplantMicro hair transplant is an innovative technique developed recently. This is used by the hair restoration surgeons nowadays very effectively. Before, bulk hair follicles were removed from the donor setting large scars. Micro hair transplant is used nowadays to give a natural look with minimum marks on the donor or on the donor area. This technique was introduced first time in the 1980s.

Micro hair transplant for mega density will present you with a natural look with thick hair. Hair transplant patients will be people with varying issues of hair loss. So, it is according to their issues and problems the doctors suggest the type of hair transplantation. Anyway, people opt for high- density micro- hair transplant, in which a fine needle of 1mm size is used to perform the procedure. Because of the flaw of time, recently everyone wishes to have the hair replacement done in a short time span in short sittings. The use of a fine needle of 1mm size leave little damage to the scalp and it also reduces the recovery time. The patients, after high- density hair transplantation or HDHT, leaves the hospital wearing a normal cap or with a small bandage to protect the donor site. They can move to the normal life process shortly after this process. They move on to shower and the use of shampoo within a short span of time. Though minor discomfort exists, it is cured with oral medication.


  • With the HDHT technique, the doctors go for FUE as the best process of hair transplantation.
  • High density hair transplant is the competent method employed by the doctors to relocate the donor hair into the desired location in the scalp.
  • The use of tweezers enables the doctors to graft more hair when doing the replanting. This will enhance the hair density.
  • With the tweezers, minute holes are prepared, which follow the same path as natural hair. After the hair restoration, the newly grown hair appears to be natural.
  • Due to the efficiency of the tweezers, in one session itself nearly 6000 to 7200 hair re- located in the desired place with minimum harm and doing away with bleeding
  • Only a few hours are taken for the restoration of hair in large areas or hair thinning areas.
    Compared to other methods of hair transplantation, the time of recovery, large hair follicles, and the time gap between each sitting is low in high density hair transplantation. Mostly in a single session itself, the process will be completed.
    Minimized post- operative discomfort is the highlighting points of HDHT.
    HDHT facilitate the doctors to harvest the fine hair from the bottom line of the head for restoration to another place and will put out healthy hair.
    Minimized post- operative discomfort is the highlighting points of HDHT.

Direct implant has become a very popular method as it is the most advanced hair restoration techniques available today. The direct hair transplant procedure using direct implants is completely quick and painless. The procedure does not demand removing any part of the scalp. Hair transplant surgery, incisions, donor site etc. are not required for direct implant hair transplant. Direct transplant is considered to be the latest procedure after FUE. The procedure is also called ‘no root touch technique’.

The Procedure:

During the procedure, the hair follicles are extracted one by one from the donor area. The extracted follicles are then implanted directly. The hair follicles may be placed immediately after extraction in certain cases. While in some other cases, the placement may be delayed after extraction. Our doctor can suggest you the right option for you, considering certain other factors

Direct implant is considered to be the most advantageous hair restoration technique that offers 100% natural results.However results may vary from person to person. As the placement of natural hair follicles is done using an implanter, there is no need to make holes in the scalp or near the follicle area. The complete execution of the procedure will be done by the doctor. Postoperative medication required for direct implant is very less when compared to that of other methods

hollywood hair transplantHollywood Hair Transplant is a revolutionary hair transplant technique. The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery has recognised instant long hair transplant as an effective and safe hair restoration method. In this method, artificial hair is implanted into the recipient area as a replacement of natural hair. The bio-hair used in this procedure will be having a length of 15 to 30 cm. The results are instant and natural. If the patient need to add more thickness to the artificial hair, another transplant surgery for thickening the hair can also be done combined with the hollywood hair transplant procedure.


  •  No Stitches
  • No Scars
  • No rest needed


beard transplant

Beard transplant has become very popular cosmetic procedure today. People choose beard transplant for various reasons. A beard can cover sunburns, scars, sideburns, and can act as a symbol of manliness. People choose to grow the beard as a trend. There are some factors which may prevent natural beard growth in people:

  • Skin trauma
  • Burns or scarring
  • Trichotillomania
  • Past surgery
  • Systemic illness etc

The procedure may take around a few hours or almost a full day to complete. The procedure is done under local anesthesia. Hairs from different parts of the body are taken for transplanting. The procedure needs patience, skill and precision to get the best results. We at Sareen clinic had proven our skill with a number of success stories in beard transplant.

The procedure has minimal risks and complications. Some of the possible side-effects include infection, swelling, in-grown hairs, rejection of the follicles, etc. Results of beard transplant are immediate. The patient will be suggested not to shave for 10-14 days after the procedure

eyebrow transplantBeautiful eyebrows add more charm to the face. Eyebrow transplant is for those who want to restore or customize their eyebrows. Once, eyebrow transplant was a procedure only for burn victims and people who have certain conditions that prevent hair growth in the eyebrow region. In recent days, people began to consider eyebrow transplant as a cosmetic procedure to enhance their beauty and appearance

An ideal candidate for eyebrow transplant can be one with-

  • Overly thin eyebrows
  • Scarred eyebrows and
  • Completely missing eyebrows

The hairs are taken from a donor area, usually from the scalp. 50 to 325 eyebrows can be placed to the eyebrow in an eyebrow transplant procedure. It may vary according to the current hair density, and desired density of the individual. The procedure is done under a mild sedative (usually, oral). The hairs taken from the donor area is transplanted to each eyebrow. The whole procedure may require around two hours to complete. Eyebrow transplant is a delicate procedure that requires precision and experience. Our talented team of professionals at Sareen Hair clinic can help you to achieve the desired eyebrow through the best eyebrow transplant procedure

Recovery and result –

The procedure does not require much time for recovery. The individual can return to normal after the two hours of the procedure. Tiny layers may form around every transplanted hair after 2-4 days. There can be mild pinkness for the first few weeks around the transplanted area. Results will be seen immediately after the procedure. Best results will be shown after a few months


Body hair transplant is meant for patients who do not enough hair on the head for transplanting. Hair from other parts of the body, such as from the legs, stomach, arms, chest, back and the armpits are taken for body hair transplant. Hairs that are similar to head hairs in quality and structure are only used for body hair transplant. The procedure uses FUE technique to remove the hairs. The extracted hairs are then implanted as in other hair transplant procedures.

When selecting the donor area, the thickness, direction and curl of the hairs will be considered for achieving best results. Body hair transplant is a choice only for those who suffer from extreme cases of baldness and those who lack or have poor quality hair at the back of their scalp.

The procedure:

Individual follicular units are extracted using a special device. The graft is then extracted from the donor site (any part of the body). The prepared graft is then implanted in the recipient area.


  • People who do not have enough hair on the common donor area (back side of the scalp) can also get their hair restored.
  • No scar.
  • No stitch.

Even though, the procedure has minimal operational risks, certain other factors should also be considered before choosing. It is vital to have a detailed discussion about the procedure, its results and complications with the doctor. There can be cases, where the results can be unnatural and undesirable. Choosing the right candidate is vital to get the desired results. The procedure is more expensive than other procedures and requires more time to perform. For these reasons, body hair transplant is not recommended for all patients

Meticulous transplant planning is done and only experienced surgeons perform the transplant. The technique that is used is the FUE technique, Care is taken to cover all the hairless patches in the moustache area and it is done in a single sitting. The hair in the moustache grows naturally after the transplant. From boyhood to manhood the age difference is visible from a moustache which is also considered to be a sign of masculinity. It has been found from studies done earlier that manliness an social dominance ratings are higher for men with a mustache.

When there is a sudden moustache hair loss or clumps of the moustache fall leaving bald patches in the moustache hairline it is a sign of health problems which could be mental physical or stress related health problems. There is a large population of men who are losing moustache hair due to various health related problems. Hair transplant surgeons are cautious and take a thorough check of al physical, lifestyle and mental issues of those who come for moustache transplant and care is taken to involve the client in a the discussions regarding the transplant.

The FUE technique that is used for moustache transplant has several stages which are required to complete the moustache transplant safely and correctly. The first stage is when the FUT is done. This is the strip follicular unit transplantation after which the FUE is done which is the follicular unit – extraction. There are 2 separate methods but if the first method is selected it needs to be done as a first stage.

The doctor determines the site for the moustache transplant and maps the site. From this site the hair follicles are collected.

Local anesthesia is then applied to the moustache site and the hair follicles are removed. The hair follicles are removed one by one using a clinical device for the purpose.

The hair follicles are stored in a wet and cold environment till the actual moustache transplant takes place.

Careful planning is done of the area where the moustache transplant is to take place and the client’s informed consent is taken before the plan is finalized.

In the final stage the grafts are placed in the moustache hairline using the advanced FUE techniques. This is a one step implant technique that is generally preferred by clients. There is an implanter device that is used to implant the hair follicles and each hair follicle is positioned in the correct angle and direction. This is needed to make sure that the moustache implant grows in the right direction and angle.

Not all clinics have moustache and hair transplant because it is a complex procedure that needs to be done by experienced surgeons who understand the two techniques and have previous experience in being able to perform the procedures.

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