Meticulous transplant planning is done and only experienced surgeons perform the transplant. The technique that is used is the FUE technique, Care is taken to cover all the hairless patches in the moustache area and it is done in a single sitting. The hair in the moustache grows naturally after the transplant. From boyhood to manhood the age difference is visible from a moustache which is also considered to be a sign of masculinity. It has been found from studies done earlier that manliness an social dominance ratings are higher for men with a mustache.

When there is a sudden moustache hair loss or clumps of the moustache fall leaving bald patches in the moustache hairline it is a sign of health problems which could be mental physical or stress related health problems. There is a large population of men who are losing moustache hair due to various health related problems. Hair transplant surgeons are cautious and take a thorough check of al physical, lifestyle and mental issues of those who come for moustache transplant and care is taken to involve the client in a the discussions regarding the transplant.

The FUE technique that is used for moustache transplant has several stages which are required to complete the moustache transplant safely and correctly. The first stage is when the FUT is done. This is the strip follicular unit transplantation after which the FUE is done which is the follicular unit – extraction. There are 2 separate methods but if the first method is selected it needs to be done as a first stage.

The doctor determines the site for the moustache transplant and maps the site. From this site the hair follicles are collected.

Local anesthesia is then applied to the moustache site and the hair follicles are removed. The hair follicles are removed one by one using a clinical device for the purpose.

The hair follicles are stored in a wet and cold environment till the actual moustache transplant takes place.

Careful planning is done of the area where the moustache transplant is to take place and the client’s informed consent is taken before the plan is finalized.

In the final stage the grafts are placed in the moustache hairline using the advanced FUE techniques. This is a one step implant technique that is generally preferred by clients. There is an implanter device that is used to implant the hair follicles and each hair follicle is positioned in the correct angle and direction. This is needed to make sure that the moustache implant grows in the right direction and angle.

Not all clinics have moustache and hair transplant because it is a complex procedure that needs to be done by experienced surgeons who understand the two techniques and have previous experience in being able to perform the procedures.

Moustache transplant is growing in popularity because there is a growing population that needs moustache transplants due to falling moustache hair patches.

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