Non Surgical Hair Replacement Solutions

With baldness coming at an early age, many people prefer to wear a hair patch or a hair toupee to cover the balding area. A hair patch is a hair unit where human hair are woven into the net system to give a completely natural look. Sareen hair clinic has the best hair patches available in the market with most affordable prices. Hair patch be fitted onto the head by following techniques –

 Hair Weaving
 Hair Bonding
 Hair Clipping
 Hair Microwefting

Hair Extensions

Losing your confidence due to loss of hair. Don’t worry we at Sareen Hair Clinic got you covered. We use the industry leading Hair Extension technique for instant improvement in hair lengths and volume that helps you retain your natural look.

Hair extension in the instant method to increase the volume and the length of the hair. This is achieved by incorporating the artificial hair to the natural hair. Hairstylists use the “invisible part” technique which is done in such a crafted way that it does not show any evidence that the person is wearing a hair extension. The improved part of the hair looks so natural that the extension will look as if it is growing from the scalp itself. Two methods of achieving this include sew-in or gluing method. This technique is appropriate for long lasting effect for attaching natural hair to commercial hair.

This instant hair extension method is generally used by the people who want to experiment with the color of their hair or to experiment with a new hairstyle.

This is the first and natural question that comes in the mind of our clients that “How will I look after this instant extension of hair”. The answer to this question is that the appearance of these artificial hair will blend into the natural ones.

According to your preferences, we can make some changes like thickness and density of hairs. After this procedure, you can expect the desired result.

Don’t shy away from the loss of hair or less hair volume, when you can get them improved by the hair extension technique.

Top Closure

A Lace Closure also known as Frontal Lace or Top Closure is a hair piece used to cover the crown of the head where baldingor thinning have occurred and add instant volume and length or to close a weave at the top.

People who wear bondedweft or sew in hairasweaves, opt to use thelace closures in order to cover the top area of their head, where thehair extensions (hair weave, tracks) is sawn down/ bonded.

This area also called as horseshoe is one of the most important parts in thehair weaving processas one has tomake surethat the crown areas and front hairline are well blended in order to have a natural look, hence the use oflace closures.

Top closures/ Lace closurescome in various base hair lengths, sizes, and craftsmanship.

Hair Wigs

For years, wigs have been a solution for disguise and great looks. With the passage of time and invent of new technologies, the modern-day wigs are have become so natural looking that they have become unnoticeable even on a touch and closer look. Used not only for baldness, wigs found their uses for fashion, as astatus symbol (Judges Wigs), even for social occasions. The wigs not only offer an extremely good quality of the hair follicles but require minimal maintenance needs. Its a matter of pride in keeping the best of wigs that arenot only undetectable, but also easier to color, comb, maintain, and allows you to move on your life with comfort and ease. When it comes to select a hair system that gives a natural feel and look, generally people prefer human hair wigs. It would be considered as lucky to have a wide variety of top quality hair wigs that feature the latest style and design to make the wearers look fashionable and elegant.

  A wig can be simply defined as a hair piece or hair enhancement that is attached to give you an enhanced look or to compensate for thinning hair and reduced growth of hair. There are several things we need to watch outwhen buying a good set of wig:

Traditionally, female hairline starts between 4 and 6 cm above the eyebrows. Typically the hairline should start at around transition point between the vertical forehead and the point where forehead starts to slope backward towards the scalp. It can look relatively unattractive if the hairline starts well above this transition point.

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