Whole Body Fairness Treatment

This is a treatment that is performed carefully using the method that is best suited for the client. We use chemical treatment, natural remedies, surgical treatments and general lightening chemical treatments which are safe.

Fairness treatment is a procedure that lightens the color of the complexion to make people look fairer. Any type of skin fairness treatment gives immediate results. It also improves the quality of the skin. The skin tone gains a permanent fairness and a glow. The skin is rehydrated and the production of melanin is reduced. Skin fairness treatments can be done on all types of skin that is not broken, injured or bruised. In such cases a dermatologist needs to be consulted. Skin fairness cannot be obtained in one session and multiple sessions are required to complete the procedure safely without damaging the skin. Along with fairness home treatment is also essential to take care of the skin to maintain the tone and the complexion after the fairness procedure has been carried out.

There are several different types of skin fairness treatments. The popular ones are:

Arbutin: It is a procedure that uses anti pigmentation solution for body whitening. The solution is made from bearberry. It also helps to fade freckles, stretch marks and ageing spots that occur. It is a natural treatment and does not have any side effects.

Detan Treatment: This is mainly used for facials but it can also be used for body lightening. It is a radiance facial that is used in the body which lightens the color of the skin and gives the body a glow. Chemicals are used for the lightening process and enzymes containing copper are used to stop the production of melanin which is responsible for pigmentation.

Laser Treatment: In this type of procedure the uneven skin tone is exposed to a beam of light. Due to the high energy the dark skin cells are destroyed in the different skin layers. This results in a fairer complexion. The rejuvenated skin is a glowing skin and is bright without any flaws. The laser treatment is known as lasabrasion.

Skin Whitening Surgery: This is another procedure that is used for skin fairness and body fairness. It has lasting effects and is a safe procedure. There are 3 types of such surgery that are performed and the type to use for a client depends on the evaluation of the skin properties by a dermatologist. Surgery is generally recommended by dermatologists for clients who want immediate results and or lightening black skin.

There are also natural remedies that are recommended that can be done over a period of time at home to see a visible difference. These could be recommended skin creams by a dermatologist, it could be natural home remedies, it could be natural oils and the application of natural pastes all over the body to lighten the skin color if the need for a dramatic change in the fairness tone is not required and a gradual lightening of the skin is acceptable by the client.


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