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Dr Sareen

SAREEN HAIR CLINIC was founded by DR. S. SAREEN in the 1980s, a woman with fervour ambition of serving people who struggle with hair and skin problems.

She is passionate about enhancing the beauty and her vision knew no bounds. She paved her way into the herbal world through the moving force and inspiration of her (late) father-in-law. Dr. S. Sareen researched on Herbs and Herbal Medicines. These medicines gave excellent results in curing hair problems and other disorders. And thus established “SAREEN HAIR CLINIC”, a solution to all hair problems.

Dr. S. Sareen is unique to the extent that she is perhaps the only woman in the world to use precious herbal extracts as a cure to acquire and preserve beauty. India has a large number and variety of precious herbs. Dr. S. Sareen has utilized these herbs into her range of perfection to deal with the problem of hair.

Dr. S. Sareen chain of clinics has a wide range of customers from men, women, and children and each one of these customers are given attended under the vigilance of Dr. S. Sareen and trained experts.

Dr Sareen

The entire workforce of Dr. S. Sareen’s Hair Clinic comprises Hair Consultants, Marketing Staff, Therapists, and Researchers. They all work with combined effort to enhance their position in the new competitive market of Hair Treatments. The drive that has made Sareen Hair Clinic a renowned and successful name is the aim of commitment to quality and satisfaction of our clients. We are globally renowned for our quality service and commitment to perfection.Chain of Sareen Hair Clinic is an acknowledged name in the hair transplant field and has the vision to grow in the future.

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