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SAREEN HAIR CLINIC was founded by DR. S. SAREEN in the 1980s, a woman with fierce ambition of serving individuals who struggle with hair and skin problems.She is enthusiastic about enhancing the attractiveness and her eyesight knew no boundaries. She paved her way to the herbal world throughout the shifting drive and inspiration of her (late) father-in-law. These medicines gave excellent results in treating hair problems and other ailments. And thus established”SAREEN HAIR CLINIC”, a remedy to all hair problems.

Best Hair Clinic At India – Our Story

Dr. S. Sareen is unique to the extent that she is perhaps the only woman in the world to use precious herbal extracts as a cure to acquire and preserve beauty. 

Mission & Vision

Our mission as India’s Oldest and #1 Hair clinic is to provide all skin and hair treatments in one place.

Advanced Medical Facility

We have the most advanced facilities for hair and skin treatments. We have over 40yrs experience in providing all hair and skin problems treatment.
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