Hair loss can deplete self-confidence and along with it self-image. Balding both in men and women can be a harrowing experience for the individual and more so for women. Science has always tried to look for effective solutions for hair loss and has been able to make unthinkable breakthroughs, which were not a reality even in the early 20th century.
Stem cell therapy has long been known to treat several medical diseases and now revolutionized to treat individuals suffering from hair loss.

Stem cell therapy is considered as one of the safest therapies for hair loss treatment. Stem cells originate from the individuals own body and are functionally responsible for the repair and maintenance of tissues. They are unique with the ability to manifest into several varied types of cells. Stem cells in hair restoration induce behavioural changes with Paracrine Signalling. The Paracrine effect is activated when the stem cells are injected into the scalp thus facilitating hair regrowth. Stem cells for hair restoration are obtained from adult fat cells which are most abundant in the abdomen.



Hair Loss Treatment at Sareen Hair Clinic

Sareen Hair Clinic has over 30 years of experience in hair restorative treatments. Providing technology-oriented treatments, Sareen Hair Clinic is a trusted name rendering highly satisfactory treatments to several patients during their tenure. Keeping abreast with the latest trends and innovations in hair restorative therapies, Sareen Hair Clinic brings the very promising stem cell therapy for hair regrowth.

The process of stem cell isolation is carried out in the clinics closed and sterile environment. First, a small ounce of fat is extracted from the body (known as a mini liposuction procedure). The isolation of stem cells and the fat is done using the Healon Medical CENTRIcyte 1000 Centrifuge utilizing the Zuk methodology. Once isolated, they are re-injected for a localized scalp treatment with the micro needle system. The treatment does not involve any allergic reactions, side-effects or downtime. Patients can return to daily activities almost immediately.

Sareen Hair Clinic houses some of the best hair transplant surgeons in the world to provide world-class treatments. For more information on adult stem cell therapy for hair loss, contact a consultant at Sareen Hair Clinic today.