Improve your hair longevity with exotic Diwali festival offer 2018

Date :23-Oct-2018

While speaking about hair, we especially women dream on bouncy, silky long hair. Is it possible to all of us? Sadly, No. Most of the men caught up with baldness issue in young age itself. Why? The reasons are many. Hair fall is the main culprit that deteriorates the hair density. Countless factors are hiding behind hair fall like medicines, stress, dandruff, water, shampoos, and hereditary so on. Is there any way to recoup the lost hair? Yes, hair transplant is an advanced, internationally acclaimed technique that transforms you with dense hair. Hair transplant can be successfully performed on

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FUE - Hair transplant with a new method

Date :05-Sep-2018

Hair loss has become more common in both men and women but is more visible in men and make them bald and lower the confidence level and give them much older look. Causes: Anemia, protein deficiency, low vitamin levels, and other environmental issues like contaminated water, polluted air, long working hours, long travels, unhygienic food habits, no proper sleep, etc. may cause hair loss.  When there is a hair loss, people worry a lot and make them stressed. To overcome that we have so many methods to regrow the hair.  One of them is FUE(Follicular Unit Extraction). It is a m

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Stop worrying about your hair fall

Date :25-May-2018

"Hair fall" is being a reiterated word from all of us. Though there are many impacts behind the hair fall, as victims, we fear to comb every time. Is there any way to stop hair fall in the present scenario? Yes, Sareen Hair Clinic, a leading hair care specialist in Delhi who affords world-class treatment for all hair-related problems. Losing some strands while combing is general. But when the hair follicles do not grow and get closed by the scar tissue, then the condition becomes worrisome. The following therapies are used for hair regrowth: Stem Cell Therapy: This is otherwise called Plat

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Robotic Hair Transplant : Sareen Makes The Move

Date :14-Mar-2018

Hair Loss- One of the biggest issues people face today. The altered lifestyles, changing environments, along with the genetic factors can lead to very serious conditions of hair loss. Hair loss is one of the greatest concerns of today and is solved using many methods. Nevertheless, these methods have never been able to find a complete solution. Hair transplant is the most suitable method to solve hair loss. But hair transplant requires the help of creative and skilled fingers to bring in the real professional and flawless results. Today, these shortcomings have been overcome through one of th

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Dealing Unwanted Hair with Laser Hair Reduction Treatments

Date :25-Mar-2017

Laser hair reduction treatment is a procedure for removal of unwanted hair with a long-lasting effect than conventional techniques like waxing. On par with international standards, Sareen hair Clinic in Delhi is popular for their effectiveness in laser hair reductions. Unlike popular belief, laser treatments do not affect the quality of skin or cause skin damage. Laser hair reduction is carried out with the help of high intensity light that are beamed into the hair follicles. The pigment in the follicles absorbs the light thereby destroying the hair roots in the process. Laser hair reduction

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Explore New Ideas For Hair & Skin issues

Date :17-Feb-2017

Having glory hair is a huge plus point for both the genders. In the modern world, there are many hair styles offered on the basis of one’s look. Every hair style abides with its own beauty. Simultaneously today’s younger generation is mostly affected by hair fall, bald issues which reduce their social esteem mentally. Next to hair, skin problem is meticulously considered by most of the people. Acne prone skin, oily, dimpled unevenly toned skin, sagging skin, wrinkles, eye bag are mind boggling troubles. In such crucial situations, Sareen Hair & Skin Clinic pads you with the bes

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Invigorate Your Skin with HIFU Ulthera

Date :17-Feb-2017

HIFU - ulthera is a modern equipment which is used in non-invasive face lifting treatment. It primarily focus on deep penetration and has many non-invasive advantages. In this treatment sound wave is focused through the skin to heat the deeper tissues. The heat contracts the sagging skin that lifts and supports the flabby skin without cutting or injuring the skin surface. Apart from lifting and tightening, the equipment stimulates the creation of new collagen which helps the skin to maintain youthfulness. Commonly stomach, neck, chin, stretch marks, forehead are treated with HIFU ulthera whic

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Amazing Hair Expo In Dubai

Date :10-Aug-2016

Do you suffer from hair thinning & hair fall? Does your hair issue keeps on disturbing you? Do you miss your good hair days? Hair plays an important role in one’s social life. Therefore a hair loss can be considered as a terrific issue as it lacks a great part of our confidence. Nowadays men and women are equally affected by the hair loss issues. Considering the historic attitude towards baldness, it has always found to be negative. Living with an alopecia is very difficult within a group who views hair as a sign of youth. Sareen Hair Clinic hereby delight you by conducting a H

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Supreme Hair Care in Delhi

Date :29-Jul-2016

We believe that our hair reflects our identity in our social life. People support social status when they feel beautiful. For the same reason every individual care about their hair as they are one of the noticeable thing that we see on looking someone’s face. People are more charitable and feel inequality when they feel unattractive. Similar is the feeling on a bad hair day. A good hair may give you a feeling as if you can take on the world with you. Sareen Hair Clinic, with the successful 30+ years of experience, builded up a trust among people. Our highly skilled team of staff, offe

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Free consultation for Hair transplant at Srinagar

Date :22-Jun-2016

Stressed with the experience of hair loss? Does the emotional aspect of hair loss challenges you? Do you find it as an end of your youth? Hair is the one playing a very important role in your life. While getting into a meeting you give a great part of notice to their hair. It is quite necessary to look good and a good look to our hair loss are very conscious and aware about the importance of hair in the social life.  There are many who even avoid to meet their friends and near ones due to the grieve of hair loss. Sareen Hair Clinic, a renowned and successful one in the Hair transp

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Robotic Hair Transplant in India

Date :08-Jun-2016

Hair restoration is nowadays a very common practice as many people (mostly teenagers) are affected by the disorder to hair. Automated hair transplant is a method of hair implantation done by adopting certain modern techniques. As this method exhibiting an outstanding result, it is a great achievement in the field of hair transplantation. Automated hair transplant embraces the technique of FUE (follicular unit extraction). Procedure of the treatment: Under local anaesthetic condition, using a rotating micro punch and a patented suction, very simplistic penetration of the donor scalp is perfo

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AD Stem Cell Therapy in Delhi

Date :18-May-2016

For all our esteemed Sareen Hair Clinic Clients, Sareen Hair Clinic is proud to announce introduction of revolutionary permanent treatment for hair fall Adult Derived Stem Cell Therapy. This procedure, promotes natural hair growth, regenerate hair and make them healthy without any side effects. Let us know AD Stem Cell Therapy : Adult Derived Stem Cell Therapy is a non-surgical hair loss treatment. This procedure uses a regeneration medicine & non-surgical hair restoration with adult stem cells. Stem cell therapy has improved alot on the past few decades and so this can be used to trea

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Hair Talk 2016 in Delhi

Date :04-Apr-2016

Our current generation is very well concern about their Hair. They always seek new style and methods for their hair. But sometimes it may affect inversely. They have to face hair loss or hair fall problems. In that situation Sareen Hair Clinic is always ready to help you. Sareen Hair Clinic is an advanced Hair care clinic in New Delhi, provides solutions for all types of hair problems that you are facing. We provide the hair treatments with the help of experienced and expertised staffs. Our focus is to fulfill the patients expectations by providing the best technological assistance and we are

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Advanced Robotic Hair Transplant in Delhi

Date :12-Jan-2016

Hair Transplantation Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure used  for the treatment of baldness or hair loss. The removal of tiny patches of the scalp from back and sides of the head and then implanted in the bald spots in the front and top portion of  the head. Individual hair follicles are removed from a portion of the body called the donor site and recipient site is the balding part of the body. Robotic Hair Transplantation In the process of robotic graft  selection, The ARTAS robot is programmed to harvest follicular units which includes two or more hairs .This is

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Best Hair Clinic in India

Date :06-Jan-2016

Ensure Your Hair-Regrowth With Oxygen Therapy Healthy hair is measured with the growth potential of the hair. Sufficient oxygen  supply to scalp and hair promotes hair growth. It is difficult to maintain blood circulation in the top of the scalp because it is the farthest point upwards from the heart. Top of the scalp is non-stimulated body area ,so the slow moving hair follicles forces the hair to grow at a slower rate. Oxygen scalp therapy is a natural hair treatment which uses the combination of botanical tonic and oxygen. It results in getting  a balanced scalp and healthy ha

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Fly For Free

Date :07-Oct-2015

Welcome to Sareen Hair Clinic and get safe and innovative hair restoration procedures. Each year, more and more people from all over the country visit Sareen Hair Clinic Pvt. Ltd in order to get the most modern hair transplant procedure. People can choose as surgical and non surgical hair restoration procedures for curing complete baldness. Hair Transplant Offers for Neograft hair transplant. It is the fastest robotic method of hair transplantation using Neograft machine. Sareen Hair Clinic gives you a golden opportunity to enjoy the packages. We will arrange the pick and drop facilities an

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Best Hair Transplant in India

Date :23-Sep-2015

Sareen Hair Clinic named after founder Dr. Sareen, is a hair clinic for you. Doctors obsessed with beauty and  passion for  beauty. Guided and supported by a a team of therapeutics, doctors, surgeons and consultants produce varying results. All committed to deliver the  treatment for your hair at your footsteps. Here the surgeon intervenes  with reliable instructions and manuals for a healthy  hair transplant. Dr. Sareen  performs Surgical Hair Transplants on requests by guests or patients  with consent. Hair loss and baldness seems to  worry all. At S

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