Hair Regrowth Treatment

herbal medicine for hair loss

Traditional Medicines

The clinic also provides natural and traditional remedies to avoid expensive surgical treatment where the hair growth can be improved though traditional medicines and natural remedies. The causes of hair loss are first ascertained by the team of doctors and supplements are provided for intake.  Traditional natural remedies are available in China, India and in …

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hair regrowth


Mesotherapy is one of the treatment options for excessive hair loss and baldness. It is suitable for both men and women for hair regrowth. Meso therapy can even prevent male pattern baldness to a certain extent. The therapy reduces hair loss, prevents male pattern baldness and promote hair growth. It also increases the level of …

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laser hair therapy

Laser Hair Therapy

The invention of lasers has conquered the medical world, including all the branches. Laser hair therapy is considered to be one of the most effective method for hair regrowth. The characteristics that make it more popular among people include: Painless Effective No surgery required No medications required No side effects and complications Results may vary …

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oxygen therapy for hair loss

Oxygen Therapy

A healthy hair needs healthy scalp to grow. Oxygen therapy or O scalp hair therapy is a procedure that can help protect the natural hair from damage and prevent hair loss. Oxygen therapy is a revolutionary procedure that can detoxify the hair, as well as the scalp. The therapy uses the powerful actions of oxygen …

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