Celebrity Hair Transplant

Celebrity/ Hollywood Hair Transplant is a revolutionary hair transplant technique. The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery has recognised instant long hair transplant as an effective and safe hair restoration method. In this method, artificial hair is implanted into the recipient area as a replacement of natural hair. The bio-hair used in this procedure will be having a length of 15 to 30 cm. The results are instant and natural. If the patient need to add more thickness to the artificial hair, another transplant surgery for thickening the hair can also be done combined with the hollywood hair transplant procedure.


  • No stitches needed.
  • No scarring.
  • No rest required after the procedure.
  • immediate and natural aesthetic result ;
  • immediate psychological comfort for the patient ;
  • soft surgery technique ;
  • no patient downtime ;
  • high hair density in a few hours (800 hairs /hour)  ;
  • simplequickreversiblepainless outpatient procedure ;
  • allows the patient to lead an active lifestyle ;
  • provides a gradual and progressive hair thickening ;
  • economically affordable ;
  • hair not aging , not turn white ;
  • the implant can be performed alone or in combination with other medical or surgical treatments .

Produced as the result of a Lengthy and Comprehensive Medical and Scientific Research, the Automatic Hair Implant is a Mild Cosmetic Surgery Process, Safe and Effective, Which makes It Possible to obtain a Top, Fully Organic Hair Having an Immediate Aesthetic Impact to Get Male and Female Baldness (alopecia) Difficulty

.Security and Effectiveness of this Procedure is guaranteed by:

  • That the security of raw materials utilized for hair production which are biocompatible and concentrated for clinical usage;
  • that the exclusive”extractable origin” of hair which let a completely reversible augmentation if on need;
  • the exclusive Automatic Hair Implant apparatus and Hair Implant Instruments that guarantee a right augmentation process plus a long-lasting Cosmetic Impact ;
  • that the experience of Licensed Doctor performing Hair Implant process;
  • the Patient’s choice and tolerance evaluation
  • the program of appropriate and personalized Hair Implant Medical Protocol.
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