FAQ’S: All Questions related to Hair Treatment

Hair weaving is the procedure of artificial hair integration. It is also known as hair extensions.

Hair bonding is an approach to hair weaving that lasts only for a shorter time period.

If you have significant hair loss, you can be a candidate for a hair transplant procedure. People with a small amount of hair loss can also be a candidate for hair transplant. Seek the advice of your hair care professional for further information.

Male-pattern baldness, medically known as androgenetic alopecia is a kind of baldness seen commonly among men. Usually, male pattern baldness is hereditary.

You need to visit your doctor for information regarding the method of hair restoration that suits your hair. There are various types of hair restoration methods, which are chosen according to the cause and type of problem.

Your hair after transplant will grow after three months. After transplantation, it may take much time to grow the hair completely.

The procedure is usually done under local anesthesia. This will help you to experience no pain during the procedure.

The aftercare will be provided at Sareen Hair Clinic during your follow-up appointments. During this time, the doctor will give you suggestions regarding special care of the transplanted hair.

Not at all. Usually, the trend is that men go for hair transplantation than women. But, being a woman is not a restriction to choose hair transplantation.

21 to 80 is the usual age for hair transplant surgery.

NIDO-Z hair/instant/long hair transplant is a new hair transplant technique in which artificial hair is implants into the recipient area. The instant hair transplant hair transplant will have instant results.

It is a treatment method for excessive hair loss. If you are worried about your hair loss problem, it can be a best solution which will help you to regrow your hair.

Meso therapy, oxy therapy, stem cell therapy or PRP therapy, laser therapy etc. are some of the common hair regrowth techniques.

Oxy therapy is a highly effective and revolutionary hair regrowth technique.

There are various reasons why should one choose oxy therapy for hair growth. It can be listed as follows:

Revitalizes damaged and weak hair

  • Promotes healthier hair
  • Covers damages caused due to unhealthy bleaching, colouring, use of dyes etc.
  • Helps in making the hair stronger and thicker
  • Relieves issues like dandruff, dry hair, itchy scalp etc.

People choose instant hair transplant due to the following reasons:

  • It does not need stitches.
  • No scarring will be there.
  • The procedure does not seek rest.

Apart from all these, we at Sareen Clinic offers the best results for instant hair transplant.

Usually, hair transplant is considered to be a safe procedure with minimal risks and complications. It does not induce significant complications and risks. However, any surgery will possess certain minor risks and complications.
At Sareen Hair Clinic, we have highly experienced and skilled professionals who carry out the procedure with utmost care. Hair transplant at Sareen Hair clinic is 100% safe and there is no need to worry about it.

When you prepare for your first visit, it is important to remember a few things. You may contact your GP for your hair loss issue. He/she will send you to a hair care professional or dermatologist. You can do these following things to make the visit, worthy enough:

  • Write down all your concerns about your hair
  • Write down any issues regarding your physical fitness
  • Write down your doubts regarding the hair transplantation procedure

Preparing a list will help you to make the most out of the doctor’s valuable time with you. When you list questions, try to list only the important ones. You can ask the doctor questions like:

  • Why are these symptoms present in you?
  • What are the tests I need to take?
  • Is the condition temporary or chronic?
  • What should be the best possible treatment option for me?
  • Should I follow any restrictions?
  • Do I need to visit any specialist?
  • Should I seek surgery or medications will be enough?
  • Can I refer any website for further information regarding the surgery?

During the visit, the doctor may ask you a number of questions. You can make the short-time visit very much useful if you prepare for those questions before. The doctor may ask questions like:

  • When did you notice your hair loss first?
  • Are you experiencing an occasional or continuous hair loss?
  • Have you had the same problem before?
  • Has anyone in your family has baldness or hair loss?
  • Do you have any other medical conditions?
  • Are you taking any kind of medications presently?
  • Do you really want to have a transplant surgery?

The doctor will explain you the possible results, risks and complications of the hair transplant procedure. You will need to take the decision whether you really need to have a hair transplant after the discussion.

Most people consider hair as a symbol of beauty, especially women. Women with long and beautiful hair are considered to be beautiful than short-haired ones. However, long or short, the hair should be healthy. Healthy hair can be understood from the appearance itself. Most people, including men and women, suffer from a common issue called ‘hair-loss’. Maintaining the hair is relatively a complex task, especially in this busy life schedule. As the hair is made of protein, it is important to maintain them hygienically. You can try these steps at your home for caring your beautiful hair:

Wash the hair properly

  • Use a good quality shampoo and wash hair lightly
  • Do not use shampoos that contain parabens or sulfates
  • Use conditioner that matches the type of your hair
  • Condition the hair properly considering the hair type
  • Using hair care products that contain too much protein may not always be helpful.
  • Before shampooing, rinse the hair using vinegar.
  • Use almond, castor, olive, coconut, and lavender oils to moisturize the hair.


Dry the hair properly

  • Do not use a blow-dryer to dry the hair
  • Let the hair dry naturally


Combing the hair

  • Don’t comb the hair too much
  • Try to comb the hair with a wide-toothed brush after the shower


Styling and dyeing the hair

  • Trim the hair regularly
  • Minimize styling damage by choosing natural styling
  • Try not to dye the hair frequently


Maintain good health

  • Choose healthy diet plans
  • Avoid the stress through yoga or physical activities

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