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You can now become an esteemed franchisee for Sareen Hair Clinic. Let’s Expand Our Possibilities To A Higher Level. Grow With Enhanced Opportunities. Prosper To New Heights. Team up for bigger benefits. Experience Excellence. Craft success story with our experienced team.

Why become a franchise for Sareen?

Business Start-up:
Opening a franchise is like starting a new business with the help of Sareen Hair Clinic.

Full Turnkey Support :

We will hand hold you through the entire startup process from the beginning to the end.


We offer 360-degree extensive training programs and assistance 24/7.

Quick Start:

There is a proven formula for doing the business, so one need not invest in setting out the strategies.


The assistance of the franchisor in terms of expert inputs from the management is provided. Henceforth, the business will grow exponentially which otherwise would be difficult.

Risk Minimization:

The risk associated with starting up a business is high. But by investing in a franchise the risk may be minimized.

High Clientele Category:

Although there exists competition by various disorganized players, yet there is a huge consumption class looking for differentiated high-quality offerings

Why a hair clinic business?

  • Hair salon sector is one of the emerging sectors in India with an estimated growth of over 33%.
  • Stable cash flow business with all cash receivables
  • Business grows as long as the hair grows. It is basically recession proof.

Reoccurring revenues

Area Required
Total Investment
Franchisee Fee
1000 sq.ft
43-44 Lacs
5 Lacs
Non Surgical
500 sq.ft
18-19 Lacs
3 Lacs
Payback Period
Average ROI
Agreement Terms
2 Year
5 Years
1 Year 6 Months
5 Years

About Sareen Hair Clinic

With over 40+ years of experience, we offer high-quality treatment for your hair. We are equipped highly skilled & experienced team who gives importance to the needs of our valued customers. We offer impeccable services with confidentiality, satisfaction & affordability delivered with high-end technology.
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