Hair Extensions

Losing your confidence due to loss of hair. Don’t worry we are at Sareen Hair Clinic got you covered. We use the industry leading Hair Extension technique for instant improvement in hair lengths and volume that helps you retain your natural look.

Hair extension in the instant method to increase the volume and the length of the hair. This is achieved by incorporating the artificial hair to the natural hair. Hairstylists use the “invisible part” technique which is done in such a crafted way that it does not show any evidence that the person is wearing a hair extension. The improved part of the hair looks so natural that the extension will look as if it is growing from the scalp itself. Two methods of achieving this include sew-in or gluing method. This technique is appropriate for long lasting effect for attaching natural hair to commercial hair.

This instant hair extension method is generally used by the people who want to experiment with the color of their hair or to experiment with a new hairstyle.

This is the first and natural question that comes in the mind of our clients that “How will I look after this instant extension of hair”. The answer to this question is that the appearance of these artificial hair will blend into the natural ones.

According to your preferences, we can make some changes like thickness and density of hairs. After this procedure, you can expect the desired result.

Don’t shy away from the loss of hair or less hair volume, when you can get them improved by the hair extension technique.

hair extension
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