Be it the freezing winter or the burning summer, hair fall these days are relentless. Coupled with the stress of work and pollution, more than 80% of our total population face hair loss issues. Finding an ideal hair fall solution is a tough task though not any more. Sareen Hair Clinic, the best hair care specialist offers solution to hair fall through a set of hair fall treatment packages in Delhi.

We lose about 50 to 100 strands of hair every day which is quite normal. Hair fall becomes an issue when the hair follicles are unable to grow back the hair and gets covered up by scar tissues. The main reasons for hair fall is hormonal imbalance, heredity or some medical conditions such as thyroid or scalp infections.

The methodology of hair fall treatment follows solutions to facilitate hair regrowth or hair transplant depending upon the extent of the clients issue.

Hair fall

Hair Regrowth Therapies

Oxygen Therapy

a procedure to detoxify the scalp and hair, it helps in preventing hair fall and damage. It reinvigorates the functions of sebaceous glands that produce natural oil for the well-being of scalp and hair.

Stem Cell Therapy

hair fall treatment in Delhi offers this therapy, also known as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy, by creating a sample of platelet rich plasma and other growth components from the blood of the client and injecting it into the scalp of the client to facilitate hair regrowth.

Laser Hair Therapy

based on the concept of photo therapy, the technique uses high intensity light to stimulate the hair growing follicles effectively by increasing its blood flow. This helps in regrowth of hair through these follicles.

Meso Therapy

used in the case of excessive hair loss or baldness, meso therapy is done in a course of about 8 sessions. It is done by injecting nutrient rich fluid into scalp to facilitate hair growth. The signs of hair growth will be visible by the 5th sitting onwards.

Hair Transplant Techniques

The hair fall treatment in Delhi involves hair transplant in cases of severe baldness. Transplant is possible through surgical as well as non-surgical procedures. The surgical treatments are more effective than the others as they offer a permanent solution for baldness. These methods involve transplanting hair from the donor site to the area of baldness. The latest technique of surgical transplant offered at SHC, Robotic hair transplantation is one of the best in the world.

Non-surgical methods of hair transplant include hair weaving, bonding, extension and microwefting. These are short term solutions and helps in increasing the visible volume of hair.

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