Mesotherapy Vs. PRP – The most efficient therapies for hair loss

Hair loss is a common issue faced by both men and women. While the causes are many, including an overstressed work environment and the use of too many electronics, there are also solutions to help improve hair growth. Sareen hair clinic, touted to be among the best hair transplant clinics in Delhi, offers a variety of hair loss therapies and treatments depending on the requirements of the customers. 

Hair loss can be quite disheartening emotionally. However, people often get confused about the right treatment or medication to choose for their hair loss issues. 

Let us start by understanding the two common therapies, Mesotherapy and PRP, how the process works, their benefits, etc.


Mesoderm is the layer of the scalp lying between the skin tissue and the fat layer. When a liquid rich in nutrients is injected into this layer, it helps with hair growth. This therapy does not involve any surgery and is known as Mesotherapy. Sareen hair clinic offers this therapy among their various hair loss treatments.

A mixture of nutrients like vitamins, minerals which will improve the growth of hair, along with the DHT blockers, is used in this procedure. DHT or the DiHydroTestosterone, is an androgen that can cause hair fall. The use of the DHT blockers into the mixture helps in promoting hair growth. The mixture is then injected into the scalp. The best part of this process is that it is the least painful.

If you are not looking for hair transplant options, you can certainly opt for Mesotherapy, which provides your hair follicles with nutrition.

How does Mesotherapy work?

Our head has both active and dormant hair follicles. The hair follicles become inactive or dormant when they fail to receive the necessary supply of nutrients and blood. The injection of this nutritional booster with the DHT blocker into the scalp energizes the scalp by increasing blood circulation, boosting cells’ metabolism, and collagen stimulation. 

The presence of DHT blocker ensures that the DHT hormone, which kills the hair follicles, is effectively blocked, allowing for natural and better hair growth.

Benefits of Mesotherapy

A total of eight sessions at the Sareen Hair clinic is all you need to enjoy natural hair growth with Mesotherapy. You will see visible results starting to appear after the fifth session. Sareen hair clinic decides on the substance to be used in injection based on every individual’s nutritional information and cause for hair loss.

  • An absolutely safe and very simple procedure
  • Uses substances and nutrition for natural hair growth based on individual requirements.
  • Doesn’t take much time for each session, even less than half an hour.
  • Not a surgical procedure
  • No need for any precautionary measures or post-procedural requirements, which means that you can continue with the everyday routine after every session.

Mesotherapy at Sareen Hair clinic is offered to treat various hair loss issues, including chronic illnesses, stress and climate-related hair loss, deficiency in nutrition for hair growth, patchy and baldy hair loss, progressive hair thinning issues, and even for dandruff. It is mostly used for the treatment of androgenic alopecia. 

As for the side effects, the Mesotherapy does not have any prominent side effect. Some people might have a bruise which heals in a week or a sore feeling, which also doesn’t last beyond 2-3 days.

Sareen hair clinic ensures that your body is suitable to receive this treatment before providing the same. The experts in this hair transplant clinic in Delhi make sure that the patients do not suffer any skin disorder, diabetes, pregnancy, hemophilia, and dermal inflammation. 

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

This is also a non-surgical process offered at Sareen Hair clinic and is mainly used to treat thinning hair. In this case, the hair growth is promoted with the use of the patient’s blood itself. The active ingredient found in their blood, which promotes hair growth, is used in this therapy.

In this procedure, injection is made into the skin layer, comprising of platelet-rich plasma present in the blood of the patient. 


How does PRP work?

Unlike Mesotherapy, PRP injection need not be injected into the mesoderm but can be made on any layer of the skin. The patient’s blood is taken by the Sareen hair clinic, and the platelets and proteins that encourage growth and other growth factors are separated. This concentrated combination of growth factors and platelets is re-injected into the head of the patient.

These growth factors ensure that the hair follicles do not shrink and keep them in the growth phase with improved blood circulation. It helps in the promotion of new hair growth and retains the strength in existing hair follicles.

Benefits of PRP

Typically Sareen hair clinic recommends a minimal of 3 PRP injections in an interval of 2 or 4 weeks, depending on the patient’s body requirements. The PRP is used alone or sometimes, along with other hair transplant or Mesotherapy as well.

  • Comfortable and safe method to treat hair loss
  • Non-surgical procedure which involves your blood.
  • Does not take a long time, only about an hour for each session.
  • No worries about allergy as it uses the platelets from your own body
  • Natural hair growth and restoration
  • No downtime or recovery period.

As for side effects, PRP requires a careful injection failing, which could result in infection, pain, and injury at the injection site. Sareen hair clinic has experts with the experience to give you a perfectly safe experience.

Mesotherapy vs. PRP

When we compare the two therapies offered by Sareen hair clinic, you will find that both are equally competent in restoring your natural hair and promoting hair growth.

  • While the mixture used is different, the procedure is the same in both the treatments.
  • The number of sessions also varies between the two procedures
  • While PRP has no downtime, Mesotherapy has a little downtime.
  • There will also be a difference in the cost of the treatment.

To summarize, we can say that both the treatments offer a less expensive, safe, and a non-surgical alternative to a hair transplant.


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