Microdermarbasion treatment is also done at the clinic which a minimally abrasive instrument to sand the skin and rejuvenate it from skin damage. It helps to remove the thicker outer layers of the skin. The treatment of microdermabrasion is used for improving the discoloration of skin, damage from sunlight and light scars.

Removal of age spots and black head scarsThe types of improvements that this technique can perform are:

  • Lighten the patches of dark skin that appear
  • Exfoliating the rough outer skin surface
  • Reduce the stretch marks
  • Improve the wrinkles and lessen fine lines
  • Remove enlarged pores from the skin
  • Lighten or remove acne scars

In microdermabrasion collagen is used which is a protein. As individuals grow older the collagen protein in the skin reduces because of which skin conditions develop. It is a cosmetic procedure that is performed by dermatologists with experience and knowledge. It is one of the best known skin treatment procedures but it should only be performed after a dermatologist has approved the procedure after a skin evaluation.

There are midrodermabrasion technologies that buff and polish the skin. In this technology a stream of very fine crystals is used. At times a diamond tip is used. In some machines there are suction processes that vacuum the loose facial skin.

Most dermatologists recommend this procedure highly for those who use retinoids or have melasma. Melasma is a common condition with patients. It occurs because of a combination of ultraviolet rays, inflammation and hormonal changes which causes skin irritation. The 2 methods used are topical skin care and microdermabrasion.

The procedure can be performed in a dermatologist’s office or at home. When performed in office the tools have larger motors and can penetrate deeply into the skin for accurate exfoliation. When performed in office the costs of the procedure are higher. A high level of sterilization is done for the wands that are used in the procedure. The in -office treatment for microdermabrasion takes between 1 to 2 months where the sessions are at intervals. In the at home procedure a hand held device is used and it needs to be used daily or at least once a week.

The procedure is not painful. After every session there could be a redness that can be removed by a calming moisturizer or a sun screen lotion which is applied once the procedure has been completed.

Sometimes there can be reaction to the procedure which is generally a very mild reaction of hive like lines or blotches. Dermatologists prescribe oral anti- histamine to allow the reaction to subside. What the procedure can do is leave the skin feeling smooth, young, remove or lighten pigments and promptly clear white heads. Other procedures will be required for deep wrinkles, deep lines, dark spots and growths on the surface of the skin.

Whatever the skin condition may be self decisions on the type of procedure should be avoided and the advice of a dermatologist should be used. What the dermatologist suggests after the evaluation will be the best procedure for the individual client.

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