This is a procedure that is performed at the clinic when an individual has large balding patches which need to be covered. The hair and the scalp are first analyzed and a treatment plan is developed in consultation with the individual. The hair replacement in the bald patches is done to give the individual confidence and restore normal hair.

Hair clipping is a Non surgical hair replacement method that does not require any surgical procedure and it can be completed within 2 hours from the time the hair clipping procedure takes place. Hair clipping is mainly used by clients when there are bald patches in the crown, the sides and the front of the head. A hair unit of real hair is placed on the balding patches to give it a natural look. 


Hair clipping is a fast and safe method of looking good without any bald patches in the head showing. Once the hair unit is fixed on the bald patch it can be styles, shampooed and dried without any problems.

There are mainly 4 hair replacement techniques that we are currently using and hair clipping is one of them. In this method the hair is locked in with the natural hair of the client with specially designed clips that can hold around 7 strands of natural hair in the clip. It is a topical and cosmetic method of hair replacement. It has a net base and the natural hair along with the replacement hair is knotted in the net. There is a PU coating in the hair unit to put clips, glue or weave it into the natural hair of the client. Before the hair unit is placed the scalp and the hair condition is fully analyzed and a treatment plan is developed. Once the treatment is complete then hair unit is placed on the balding patches of the client. This helps to give the client the type of style and result that the client wants because the client is involved in the decision making process.

There are no risks as it is not a surgical procedure, it helps to avoid the headaches and side effects of surgery that some clients face after a surgical procedure for hair replacement. The non surgical hair clipping is an easy method and a very safe method for those who suffer from balding patches because of scalp or hair condition.

The costs of non surgical hair clipping for small amounts of hair that need to be clipped is affordable, when it is a large amount of hair clipping that is required the costs could be more. The hair unit is customized for the client with the right specifications, density color and the size of the hair unit. The purpose is to provide a crown of hair for the client that matches the natural hair of the client and avoids the side effects of a surgical procedure which some clients face when they want a hair replacement procedure to be done.

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