Direct Implant Transplant

Direct implant is becoming a remarkably popular method as it is by far the most advanced hair restoration methods available today. The direct hair transplant process using direct implants is completely quick and painless. The process doesn’t require eliminating any region of the entire scalp. Hair transplant surgery, incisions, donor site etc., aren’t required for direct implant baldness. Immediate transplant is regarded as the newest procedure after FUE. The procedure is also known as’no origin signature technique’.- A procedure where simultaneous extraction and placement of grafts is done to ensure minimum exposure of grafts and surgery time.

The Procedure:

During the procedure, the hair follicles are extracted one by one from the donor area. The extracted follicles are then implanted directly. The hair follicles may be placed immediately after extraction in certain cases. While in some other cases, the placement may be delayed after extraction. Our doctor can suggest you the right option for you, considering certain other factors

Direct implant is considered to be the most advantageous hair restoration technique that offers 100% natural results.However results may vary from person to person. As the placement of natural hair follicles is done using an implanter, there is no need to make holes in the scalp or near the follicle area. The complete execution of the procedure will be done by the doctor. Postoperative medication required for direct implant is very less when compared to that of other methods

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