Face and Body Hair Transplant

Includes -

  • Beard hair Transplant

  • Eyebrow Transplant

  • Bodyhair Transplant

  • Moustache transplant

Let's Learn about these -


Beard transplant has become very popular cosmetic procedure today. People choose beard transplant for various reasons. A beard can cover sunburns, scars, sideburns, and can act as a symbol of manliness. People choose to grow the beard as a trend. There are some factors which may prevent natural beard growth in people:

  • Skin trauma

  • Burns or scarring

  • Trichotillomania

  • Past surgery

  • Systemic illness etc

The procedure may take around a few hours or almost a full day to complete. The procedure is done under local anesthesia. Hairs from different parts of the body are taken for transplanting. The procedure needs patience, skill and precision to get the best results. We at Sareen clinic had proven our skill with a number of success stories in beard transplant.

The procedure has minimal risks and complications. Some of the possible side-effects include infection, swelling, in-grown hairs, rejection of the follicles, etc. Results of beard transplant are immediate. The patient will be suggested not to shave for 10-14 days after the procedure.


Beautiful eyebrows add more charm to the face. Eyebrow transplant is for those who want to restore or customize their eyebrows. Once, eyebrow transplant was a procedure only for burn victims and people who have certain conditions that prevent hair growth in the eyebrow region. In recent days, people began to consider eyebrow transplant as a cosmetic procedure to enhance their beauty and appearance

An ideal candidate for eyebrow transplant can be one with-

  • Overly thin eyebrows

  • Scarred eyebrows and

  • Completely missing eyebrows

The hairs are taken from a donor area, usually from the scalp. 50 to 325 eyebrows can be placed to the eyebrow in an eyebrow transplant procedure. It may vary according to the current hair density, and desired density of the individual. The procedure is done under a mild sedative (usually, oral). The hairs taken from the donor area is transplanted to each eyebrow. The whole procedure may require around two hours to complete. Eyebrow transplant is a delicate procedure that requires precision and experience. Our talented team of professionals at Sareen Hair clinic can help you to achieve the desired eyebrow through the best eyebrow transplant procedure

Recovery and result –

The procedure does not require much time for recovery. The individual can return to normal after the two hours of the procedure. Tiny layers may form around every transplanted hair after 2-4 days. There can be mild pinkness for the first few weeks around the transplanted area. Results will be seen immediately after the procedure. Best results will be shown after a few months


Body hair transplant is meant for patients who do not enough hair on the head for transplanting. Hair from other parts of the body, such as from the legs, stomach, arms, chest, back and the armpits are taken for body hair transplant. Hairs that are similar to head hairs in quality and structure are only used for body hair transplant. The procedure uses FUE technique to remove the hairs. The extracted hairs are then implanted as in other hair transplant procedures.

When selecting the donor area, the thickness, direction and curl of the hairs will be considered for achieving best results. Body hair transplant is a choice only for those who suffer from extreme cases of baldness and those who lack or have poor quality hair at the back of their scalp.

The procedure:

Individual follicular units are extracted using a special device. The graft is then extracted from the donor site (any part of the body). The prepared graft is then implanted in the recipient area.


  • People who do not have enough hair on the common donor area (back side of the scalp) can also get their hair restored.

  • No scar.

  • No stitch.

Even though, the procedure has minimal operational risks, certain other factors should also be considered before choosing. It is vital to have a detailed discussion about the procedure, its results and complications with the doctor. There can be cases, where the results can be unnatural and undesirable. Choosing the right candidate is vital to get the desired results. The procedure is more expensive than other procedures and requires more time to perform. For these reasons, body hair transplant is not recommended for all patients


Meticulous transplant planning is done and only experienced surgeons perform the transplant. The technique that is used is the FUE technique, Care is taken to cover all the hairless patches in the moustache area and it is done in a single sitting. The hair in the moustache grows naturally after the transplant. From boyhood to manhood the age difference is visible from a moustache which is also considered to be a sign of masculinity. It has been found from studies done earlier that manliness an social dominance ratings are higher for men with a mustache.

When there is a sudden moustache hair loss or clumps of the moustache fall leaving bald patches in the moustache hairline it is a sign of health problems which could be mental physical or stress related health problems. There is a large population of men who are losing moustache hair due to various health related problems. Hair transplant surgeons are cautious and take a thorough check of al physical, lifestyle and mental issues of those who come for moustache transplant and care is taken to involve the client in a the discussions regarding the transplant.

The FUE technique that is used for moustache transplant has several stages which are required to complete the moustache transplant safely and correctly. The first stage is when the FUT is done. This is the strip follicular unit transplantation after which the FUE is done which is the follicular unit – extraction. There are 2 separate methods but if the first method is selected it needs to be done as a first stage.

The doctor determines the site for the moustache transplant and maps the site. From this site the hair follicles are collected.

Local anesthesia is then applied to the moustache site and the hair follicles are removed. The hair follicles are removed one by one using a clinical device for the purpose.

The hair follicles are stored in a wet and cold environment till the actual moustache transplant takes place.

Careful planning is done of the area where the moustache transplant is to take place and the client’s informed consent is taken before the plan is finalized.

In the final stage the grafts are placed in the moustache hairline using the advanced FUE techniques. This is a one step implant technique that is generally preferred by clients. There is an implanter device that is used to implant the hair follicles and each hair follicle is positioned in the correct angle and direction. This is needed to make sure that the moustache implant grows in the right direction and angle.

Not all clinics have moustache and hair transplant because it is a complex procedure that needs to be done by experienced surgeons who understand the two techniques and have previous experience in being able to perform the procedures.

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