Microhair Transplant

Micro hair transplant is an innovative technique developed recently. This is used by the hair restoration surgeons nowadays very effectively. Before, bulk hair follicles were removed from the donor setting large scars. Micro hair transplant is used nowadays to give a natural look with minimum marks on the donor or on the donor area. This technique was introduced first time in the 1980s.

Micro hair transplant for mega density will present you with a natural look with thick hair. Hair transplant patients will be people with varying issues of hair loss. So, it is according to their issues and problems the doctors suggest the type of hair transplantation. Anyway, people opt for high- density micro- hair transplant, in which a fine needle of 1mm size is used to perform the procedure. Because of the flaw of time, recently everyone wishes to have the hair replacement done in a short time span in short sittings. The use of a fine needle of 1mm size leave little damage to the scalp and it also reduces the recovery time. The patients, after high- density hair transplantation or HDHT, leaves the hospital wearing a normal cap or with a small bandage to protect the donor site. They can move to the normal life process shortly after this process. They move on to shower and the use of shampoo within a short span of time. Though minor discomfort exists, it is cured with oral medication.


With the HDHT technique, the doctors go for FUE as the best process of hair transplantation.

High density hair transplant is the competent method employed by the doctors to relocate the donor hair into the desired location in the scalp.

The use of tweezers enables the doctors to graft more hair when doing the replanting. This will enhance the hair density.

With the tweezers, minute holes are prepared, which follow the same path as natural hair. After the hair restoration, the newly grown hair appears to be natural.

Due to the efficiency of the tweezers, in one session itself nearly 6000 to 7200 hair re- located in the desired place with minimum harm and doing away with bleeding

Only a few hours are taken for the restoration of hair in large areas or hair thinning areas.

Compared to other methods of hair transplantation, the time of recovery, large hair follicles, and the time gap between each sitting is low in high density hair transplantation. Mostly in a single session itself, the process will be completed.

Minimized post- operative discomfort is the highlighting points of HDHT.

HDHT facilitate the doctors to harvest the fine hair from the bottom line of the head for restoration to another place and will put out healthy hair.

Minimized post- operative discomfort is the highlighting points of HDHT

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