Weight Management

Weight management is a key component of a healthy lifestyle. It is important to maintain the healthy weight in order to avoid further complications and health issues. Obesity or overweight due to uncontrolled and poor eating habit will lead an individual towards different health risks. Weight management does not mean fasting all the time. Weight management indicates a healthy eating habit, including all the necessary food items and avoiding junk foods that cause bad impact on health. A weight management program can protect an individual from health problems such as:

  • Type 2 diabetes

  • Stroke

  • Heart disease

  • Sleep apnea

  • Breathing problems etc.

The usual methods for weight management include:

  • Increasing the intake of protein

  • Being calorie

  • conscious

  • Increase fiber intake

  • Increasing exercise

  • Drinking plenty of water

Keeping a healthy weight will help a person to keep away from metabolic and comorbid diseases. There are a lot of clinics that offer weight management programs and plans. Choosing a right one will help to maintain a healthy weight and keep away from diseases.

One of the most common reason for weight gain is – METABOLIC DISORDER

The metabolic process in the body is chemical process which breaks down the food we eat into different chemical components. When there are abnormalities in the chemical process then a metabolic disorder takes place in the body. The 3 main types of metabolic disorder which also have sub categories are:

  • Metabolism Disorders of Calcium

  • An Acid based Imbalance

  • Metabolic Brain- Diseases

It is an anomaly of a single gene that is inherited in the body that causes metabolic disorders. Such disorders can also occur in the liver and the pancreas.

There are many different types of metabolic disorders other than the 3 main types mentioned above such as an acid based – imbalance, metabolic brain. They are:

  • DNA repair deficiency

  • Disorders of glucose metabolism

  • Disorders of iron metabolism

  • Disorders of lipid metabolism

  • Syndromes of ma- absorption

  • Metabolic – Syndrome (X)

  • In born error in metabolism

  • Disorders of phosphorus metabolism

  • Waste syndrome

  • Imbalance of water and electrolyte

Some of the major types of metabolism that take place in the body are breaking down of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in the food, transforming nitrogen if in excess into waste product and breaking down food into chemicals to transport them to the cells inside the body.

The causes of metabolic disorders arise from a missing enzyme in the body or an enzyme which is not produced by the body or its production is in form that does not work in breaking down food particles. In the enzyme link this becomes the missing – link and when it is absent toxic chemicals build up in the body and an important product of the metabolic reaction is missing in the body.

The blue print to produce an enzyme is found in a pair of genes. In metabolic disorders the gene copies are inherited defective copies from both parents. The parents are the carriers of the defective copy and a single normal copy.

The symptoms may be sudden or can progress slowly. The symptoms become visible from the food, medications and the dehydration of the individual. It could also be visible from small illnesses and can appear a few weeks after birth. In other cases the inherited metabolic disorders may take years to be noticed.

Metabolic disorders can be treated and it can be cured in all individuals who suffer from any type of metabolic disorders. There is absolute no need to feel that it is incurable. A person needs to consult a doctor and take the prescribed tests and the medication plan that is prescribed by the treatment team in order to improve the metabolic disorder condition. Even for inherited metabolic disorders there are treatments that can improve the metabolic disorder condition in a patient.


  • Feeling lethargic

  • Poor appetite

  • Pain in the abdomen

  • Nausea

  • Loss of weight

  • Jaundice

  • Seizures

  • Comas

  • Developmental delays

  • An abnormal order of urine

Here at SAREEN CLINIC, we not only provide overall weight management but also identify the metabolic and other factors that causes weight gain and thus help in keeping weight loss results faster and long lasting.

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