Robotic Hair Transplant

Robotic hair transplantation is the best achievement in the field of Hair Transplants. The robotic systems are utilized in this procedure to accomplish perfection and higher efficiency in order to offer outstanding results.The image-guided robotic method will aid in helping us with a robotic arm that does exactly the follicular unit extraction (FUE) extraction. It is usually time-consuming to remove the grafts from the back of the mind and it requires a lot of concentration by the surgeon.However, here the robotic system which would be guided by the physician would have the ability to reproduce the angle, penetration depth and consistency to give very pleasant grafts for harvesting. The robot machine removes hair grafts one by one and are going to be able to implant them as well.
Sareen Hair Clinic delivers robotic hair transplant at affordable prices.

Sareen Hair Clinic offers robotic hair transplant at affordable rates. Our centers in India, USA, UK, and Canada provides 2 dollars per graft within just 2 hours

Robotic hair transplant

Hair Transplant Procedure-

It may require four to eight hours according to the physician to reach the best outcomes. During the procedure, the individual would be seated comfortably and also the support would be given by physicians and the staff before the entire process is completed. The patient feels virtually no pain. The follicular components are separated in the surrounding epidermis.
The separation of the follicular units from the surrounding donor tissue is a highly repetitive and labor-intensive procedure that needs great precision. This step entails focusing on the punch within the follicular unit and the alignment of the dividing tool together with the pores to inhibit any damage. From the FUE process, this step is usually repeated manually thousands of occasions which may lead to some human erraticism and mistake. The machine finds the exact location of every follicular unit, recompenses in simultaneous patient movement, and arranges every single graft for harvesting. A robotic arm then installs a 1mm needle that contains both dull and sharp parts; it extracts the graft and arranges the device for forceps elimination by a physician. Following the elimination of a specific follicular unit, the system rescans the donor region and uses a randomization blueprint to pick the next graft. The follicular units are then taken out of the scalp and robotically hauled to a vessel where it could be stored cool and moist up till implantation.

Benefits –

  1. Amount of follicular units increases
  2. Increased follicular units could be chosen in a particular place.
  3. Decreases donor vulnerability
  4. Grafts created requires less trimming
  5. Less labour intensity of the procedure
  6. The technique can be customized to the specific person based on various punch sizes.
  7. Speed and efficiency
  8. Less invasive approach
  9. Shortens healing time
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