Hair loss has become a prime concern for most women and men nowadays. Be it due to stress, bad hair care or any other medical condition, it may affect one’s healthy hair. However, there are various options available to protect against baldness. PRP therapy is one among the best options for hair loss of any cause or any pattern. Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy or stem cell therapy is done using the blood from the patient’s own body. A layer of plasma- rich in platelets and different growth factors are made out of this blood sample in the lab. This will then be injected into the scalp of the patient.

The whole procedure is done under local anesthesia so that the patient feels comfortable and pain-free. To stimulate the stem cells and increase the blood supply, a scalp roller with a fine needle of 1 mm will be used over the treated area. The patient will be sent home on the same day after the procedure. He/she will have to apply given antibiotics on the scalp before leaving the clinic. The patient will be able to take head bath (using shampoo or oil) on the next day. Patients who experience hair thinning due to any cause (even common baldness) can opt for PRP method. Patients with complete baldness and scarring alopecia may not benefit from PRP procedure.


The PRP therapy is purely biological. The prepared plasma has various growth factors in it. All these factors have positive effects on hair growth. The main advantages of the therapy are:

  • Strengthens the existing hair
  • Increased volume
  • Decreased hair fall
  • Increased number of hairs

Results may vary from person to person

The results will start to show within 4-6 weeks. Final results will be visible after around 4 months. As the procedure uses the patient’s own plasma, side effects will be very less. There can be soreness/burning sensation in rare cases.

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