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Stop worrying about your hair fall

Date :25-May-2018

"Hair fall" is being a reiterated word from all of us. Though there are many impacts behind the hair fall, as victims, we fear to comb every time. Is there any way to stop hair fall in the present scenario? Yes, Sareen Hair Clinic, a leading hair care specialist in Delhi who affords world-class treatment for all hair-related problems.

hair fall treatment in delhi

Losing some strands while combing is general. But when the hair follicles do not grow and get closed by the scar tissue, then the condition becomes worrisome. The following therapies are used for hair regrowth:

Stem Cell Therapy: This is otherwise called Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. In this therapy, a sample blood is drawn from the client’s arm and centrifuged. The separated platelet-rich plasma and other growth components are injected into the scalp of the patient for hair regrowth. Stem Cell therapy not only helps to fight against hair loss but also improves the texture and quality of hair.

MesoTherapy: This therapy is recommended to the clients who have a heavy hair loss or baldness. Mesotherapy takes a course of 8 sessions. In this therapy, nutrient-rich fluid is injected into the scalp for facilitating hair growth. The visible hair growth is seen from the 5th sitting onwards.Mesotherapy supports to cure baldness in male and female by decreasing hair loss, increasing hair growth and slowing down male pattern baldness.

Oxygen Therapy: It is a procedure of detoxifying the hair and scalp, and helps in preventing hair fall and damage. It reenergizes the sebaceous glands function that produces the oil naturally on the scalp and hair. This is the best therapy for issues arise from sebaceous glands.

Laser Hair Therapy: This treatment is based on the phototherapy concept where high-intensity light is used to stimulate the hair growing follicles efficiently by promoting its blood flow. Laser hair therapy helps in hair regrowth through these follicles.

Sareen Hair Clinic offers the best Hair fall treatment in Delhi. The clinic is renowned for providing hair loss treatments in India.

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