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Surgical Hair Transplant

Sareen Hair Clinic is one of the pioneers in hair transplant treatments with an experience of over 35 years. Hair Transplant in Delhi gives you top results and restore your confidence. We provide high standard treatments by considering the varying requirements of the clients. We have a team of highly skilled and dedicated medical professionals who work their best to give the perfect output. Their deep knowledge and experience help us to impart excellent services to our clients.


Hair loss and balding have now become a very common problem among people. The new technological interventions have brought permanent solutions to treat hair loss and balding. Hair transplant is one of the best techniques for hair loss and balding. An individual can choose a surgical or non-surgical method as per the directions of the doctor. Among them, the surgical transplant is believed to be the most effective treatment option. In this surgical process, the hair follicles are moved from the donor site to the recipient areas. The procedure will bring long-term and permanent solutions for people suffering from hair loss and baldness. Surgical treatments are of variant types.

Authored By Dr.Sakshi Sareen


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