Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are permanent designs that are etched into the sin with colors. To remove tattoos permanently it takes months if not years.. Tattoo removal is done over a number of sessions it cannot be done in one sitting unless it is a small tattoo removal that is being considered. Natural remedies have been used earlier but it takes a long time.

When a laser removal is done for tattoo removal which is the common method used today the particle are broken up and it is digested in the immune system of the body. It takes up to 8 weeks for the regeneration to be complete. Laser tattoo removal is an expensive procedure and a dermatologist or a doctor needs to be consulted first to evaluate the condition of the skin.

When a tattoo is removed all the colors whether light or dark will be removed. It is myth that only light colors can be removed permanently. For this the Pico Sure technology is used where even the most stubborn colors are removed from a tattoo during its removal.

Each session takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour. This is because photos are taken of the tattoo, the area is cleaned, lidocaine is injected for freezing, it is then lasered and iced and bandaged to avoid infection. The discomfort after every session will last for about a week. There is pain after tattoo removal. In some cases because of the discomfort it will be necessary to buy loose clothes that do not aggravate the area.

It is a non invasive surgery where the pigments of the tattoo are removed using Q – lasers. There are different types of Q lasers for different types of tattoo inks. The success of complete removal depends on the skin type, the ink type and the depth at which the ink was applied for the tattoo.

Research studies are being carried out into the use Picosecond laser technology and multi pass treatments which so far have tested successfully. But in the case of all types of permanent tattoo removal it is necessary to first let the dermatologist evaluate the tattoo and the skin before deciding which type of removal procedure should be followed. When the doctor has evaluated the requirements for the removal, the recommendations of the doctor should be followed in order to ensure that there is no blistering or injury or permanent marks after the tattoo removal which does take place for some clients.

It is expensive because it requires several sessions and there is pre-removal treatment and post removal treatment after each session that needs to be performed. Some of the other factors that are taken into account are the age of tattoo, the ink density the composition of the ink and depth at which the pigment has been inserted the colors and the basic health of the client. The best tattoos are those that are supposed to last a life time because of which the depth of pigment insertion is deep and this causes issues while trying to removal tattoos from a person’s body. It is always better to go in for a clinical procedure rather than being done by anyone else.

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