Thread Lift

Thread face lift is one of the renowned and simple Non- surgical face lift treatment. This procedure is performed with extreme care to lift sagging skin. Invisible threads are placed below the skin in places where other procedures cannot reach and there is a healing time that is needed for this. It is an invasive procedure but it is minimal invasion. Thread lift is a procedure that is mainly used for the face, the jowls and the neck. The thread is passed through a needle and placed under the skin. The thread has graspers or cones to cling to the muscles under the skin. As the thread starts to dissolve under the skin and if there is any bacteria a suture is made for the bacteria to stay away from the immune system of the individual.

No deep tissue manipulation is done in a thread lift and there are no incisions that are made on the skin unlike in a surgical procedure.

The face lift procedure is simpler than a face lift or any other procedure. It is a procedure that rejuvenates the facial contours, the neck and removes the jowls from a face. This has been cleared by the F.D.A in the United States of America. Despite the safety and the easy procedure many of the clients prefer other procedures because a face lift is expensive. The costs can be anywhere between $ 1500 or $ 4500 or its equivalent in any other currency. A facelift through surgery is costlier but it is a permanent solution for a client. Thread lift is a temporary procedure.

Thread face lift is a safe procedure compared to a face lift done by surgery. It reduces the sagging skin on the face and the neck and improves the jaw line contours. This is in the main type of thread lift that is done but there is a second type which is the contour face lift. It uses clear thread and a small incision is made where the thread is placed under the skin and pulled back to smoothen the face and the skin. It is done without anesthesia but in some cases if the client finds it painful local anesthesia is used.

When the threads are knotted they are hidden under the skin and there is practically no scarring that takes pale if the surgeon is skilled and has experience. The threads are made from polypropylene and are not absorbable.

Thread lifts should be done by those who are in their 30s and 60s. This is the age group that needs the thread lift. If the ageing signs are few then a thread lift is the best method of improving the sagging skin. This avoids scars and costs less that a facelift and there are no side effects except for a temporary inflammation of the skin during the healing period.

The costs as mentioned above are affordable, and it is a safe procedure to use for clients. But before actually deciding on a thread lift a client must consult the dermatologist to a skin and sagging evaluation and follow the recommendations of a dermatologist.

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