Top Closure

A Lace Closure also known as Frontal Lace or Top Closure is a hair piece used to cover the crown of the head where baldingor thinning have occurred and add instant volume and length or to close a weave at the top.

People who wear bondedweft or sew in hairasweaves, opt to use thelace closures in order to cover the top area of their head, where thehair extensions (hair weave, tracks) is sawn down/ bonded.

This area also called as horseshoe is one of the most important parts in thehair weaving processas one has tomake surethat the crown areas and front hairline are well blended in order to have a natural look, hence the use oflace closures.

top closure

There are three basictypes of lace closures:

  • Mesh Top
  • Silk Top
  • Thin Skin Top

The Mesh Top Lace Closures

These are the most common ones, and are crafted using a mesh base, made either of thin Swiss or French lace, which allows the scalp to easily breathe and make them, therefore, comfortable to wear.

The Silk Top Lace Closure:

They come with a silk top over the lace, which makes all the tied hair knots invisible, therefore, giving an illusion that the hair is coming out of the scalp.

The Thin SkinTop Lace Closure:

They are the ones which have a thin skin (polyurethane) base. This very thin rubber-like material looks exactly like the skin and is very secure if installed properly. However, air cannot pass through it so it is not breathable and therefore it is not comfortable to wear in warm temperatures.

How to wear closures hair

Alace closure is installedeither to add hair volume or give length to ones own hair or to complete a weave. Lace closure applicationmethods include either weaving with thread and needle or bonding with special liquid or adhesives tape. The method to how to wear is given below:

1. The closure is always used with the hair weft together. So, at first, eye mark the area where you wish to place the closure. Then divide your hair vertically so as to create a natural part line and processed to neatly cornrow your hair as you like. For the blending part, leave out a portion of your hair in which you will place over the part in the final step.

2. Now weave up to the pre-determined invisible part area the hair weave/weft.

3. Place the closure over center marking and making sure to align the invisible parts weaving wedge over to the vertical hair part line. Sew-in or glue tightly along the weaving wedge and then around the surrounding pad of the lace to complete the look. Lastly, cut off all the excess lace.

4. To finish the look with the fabulous hair part, style your hair blended with desire part.

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