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vampire facial

Vampire Facial

Vampire facials are done to improve the blood flow in the face by drawing out some blood for the facial and it is popular with many clients because of the results from it. It is also known as PRP treatment for face. This is a cosmetic procedure where a person’s own blood is used to put plasma back into the skin. There is no question of rejection because it is the client’s own blood that is used. The client’s blood is drawn from the arm, the blood is centrifuged and the plasma is separated from the red blood cells to form PRP.

This plasma is added back to the face which is why it is called a vampire facial. In certain cases the facial skin is poked with micro needles to help the absorption of plasma into the skin. Vampire facial helps in skin rejuvenation, smooth skin and wrinkles.

The only evidence that does exist of such facials is that the injection of plasma helps an individual to get a more youthful look and the skin is rejuvenated because of the plasma that is injected into the facial and neck skin. The procedure is safe and it is approved by the FDA. However it is not approved for the removal of wrinkles. The purpose of a vampire facial is to add plasma to the facial skin with the platelets that help to heal any type of wound that could be there. There is also a chance that the collagen formation in the face can be improved. It is one of the latest types of facials that are being done, it is not a mainstream dermatological procedure but the plasma injections and the face pricking with micro needles should be done by a dermatologist because this would help to avoid infections from the face pricking in the facial.

Sclafani is a researcher who has researched the vampire facial and suggests that it is not for everybody and a dermatologist needs to recommend the facial for a client before a client decides to go in for it. When the vampire facial suits a client the effects last for a long time in some cases according to Sclafani the clients return between 6 to 8 months for a renewed procedure. There could be small bruises from over needling but it is done by dermatologists the bruises are unlikely to take place.

Some dermatologists inject the plasma under the skin instead of needling the face with micro needles. Using non injectable plasma for cosmetic reasons is approved by the FDA. The cost of a vampire facial is around $ 1500 or its equivalent in any other currency. The cost however is not fixed and depends on how much plasma the client uses in rejuvenating the face and the neck skin. There are several processes that occur in a vampire facial but it would be best to first get a recommendation from a dermatologist before the client decides to pay for such a facial. Ageing is a natural process, it is also essential to look good for confidence and for a profession therefore treating the skin correctly and only for what is needed to be done for the skin to be rejuvenated is what dermatologists suggest.

Authored By Dr.Sakshi Sareen


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