The positive approach towards living is termed as wellness. Maintaining a good health requires a lot more than just doing some physical exercise. The overall wellness constitutes a mix of:

Physical Wellness:

The respect and care given to the body constitute physical wellness of an individual. An individual’s physical wellness include making healthy choices about various things such as physical activity, sleep, the use of alcohol, appropriate use of health care system, nutrition, etc. It also denotes the application of awareness, motivation and skills in improving the personal health and fitness.

Intellectual Wellness:

Having an interest and strong desire to learn new things is termed as intellectual wellness. Learning is a lifelong process. People learn each day from their experience, create new ideas, share their experiences and ideas. An individual’s intellectual wellness helps him/her to discover challenges and overcome hurdles, find new opportunities for developing, solve problems in personal as well as professional life, impart service to others and lead teams, etc. Intellectual wellness can be defined as the ability to independently think, recall and act.

Emotional Wellness:

To lead a healthy life, one should be emotionally sound. The individual’s ability to meet emotional needs effectively can be defined as emotional wellness. The ability to deal with different situations is necessary to cope with social life. Understanding one’s responsibility and reacting to challenges demand emotional wellness.

Social Wellness:

Social wellness includes seeking positive and interdependent relationships, mutual respect, effective, etc. Social wellness is a person’e understanding about the need for leisure and recreation, planning and allocating time for such activities.

Spiritual Wellness:

The quest for value, meaning,joy, gratitude, courage, etc. is called spiritual meaning. Spiritual wellness encourages certain set of values and existence of God.

Occupational Wellness:

The ability to achieve a balance between work and leisure is termed as occupational wellness. It includes balancing the time between work and leisure and maintaining a good relationship with co-workers and tackling workplace stress.

Environmental Wellness:

Environmental wellness is a part of overall wellness plan. It encompasses our relationship with the environment and nature and vicev ersa.

A balance between these 7 components can only lead to a well and healthy life.