Wrinkle Treatment

Most women face the challenge of wrinkles as they age. Wrinkles on the face can also develop due to muscle over activity and repeated expressions. The biological fillers which are used to treat these wrinkles temporarily are called Wrinkle treatment. The Wrinkle treatment are directly injected into the muscle that causes the wrinkles. The power of the Wrinkle will relax the muscle, which will result in reduced wrinkles. Apart from wrinkles, other issues caused by the over activity of muscles can also be treated using Wrinkle treatment.

The effect of a Wrinkle filler treatment can last up to 4 months. Forehead, wrinkles near the eyelids, the space between the eyebrows, ‘smokers’ lines’ on the lips, etc., can also be covered up using Wrinkle treatment. Wrinkle treatment are also used in combination with certain other cosmetic procedures like dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, chemical peels etc. This will give much-improved results. Wrinkle injection is less painful, and so most people routinely go for it.

The injection procedure may not require anesthetic administration. A small needle filled with Botulinum toxin (Wrinkle) is only used. The Wrinkle procedure is quick, painless and safe. The side effects are very low when compared to other cosmetic procedures. The injection is administered directly to the facial muscle. The doctor will determine the area to administer the injection after analysing the conditions of certain muscles on the patient’s face. The procedure may take around 10 minutes to complete. There can be minimal and brief discomfort after the procedure. A good candidate for Wrinkle injection should be mentally and physically healthy.

Expecting dramatic results may put the patient under disappointment. There can be local numbness, bruising and swelling after the procedure. Scarring, headache and nausea can also be seen in some patients. Most of the discomfort will diminish within a few days. Any strange should be drawn to the notice of the doctor immediately.

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