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Hair Care

What is Hair Loss?

Hair loss/baldness is thinning of hair on your scalp. The medical term for hair loss is alopecia. Alopecia may be permanent or temporary. The most commonly seen hair loss is androgenetic alopecia. Androgenetic Alopecia means a combination of hormones (androgens are male hormones) and heredity (genetics) is required to develop this type of hair loss.


Hair loss occurs with age in both women and men, but is more pronounced in men.

Check your level of Baldness

norwood hamilton scale for hair loss




Hair Treatment Options

Hair Transplant Surgery is the only permanent and efficient solution when it comes to hair loss. The results are undetectable, as the hair transplant method results in beautiful, natural-looking hair growth. The process is very simple in which our Surgeons graft healthy hair follicles from the back and sides of the head onto the bald or thinning areas of the head. As a result of a hair transplant, you get maximum density with natural-looking hair.

With baldness coming at an early age, a lot of men and women prefer to wear a hair patch or even a hair toupee to cover the balding area. A hair patch is a hair unit in which human hair is woven into the net system to provide an entirely natural appearance. Sareen hair clinic has the best hair patches out there in the market with the most affordable rates. 

The hair regrowth options are discussed with the patient after careful evaluation of the medical and scalp history.  
IF you are in search of the very best solution, Sareen Hair Clinic would be the apt choice for you.  We give a wide selection of treatments for hair loss problems.  Sareen Hair Clinic has exclusive hair care products produced by Dr. S Sareen following years of in-depth research.  She had spent quite several years within the sphere of Indian Multiple Herbal Ayurvedic Science Treatment to create medicines which can meet the special needs of patients.  She'd developed products that are specifically made to fulfill the particular needs of the hair and scalp.  Our goods are tested and approved by Govt.  Recognized laboratories.  It has additionally marked effective by hundreds of individuals that have already used them.

best hair transplant results
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