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Skin Care

Botox Treatment


Turn Back The Clock with our advanced Anti-Aging Treatments

Sareen Hair and Skin Clinic provides the following Skin Care Treatments-

Anti - Aging Treatments


Microderm- Abrasion

Vampire Facial

Chemical Peels

Tattoo Removal

Skin Whitening

Scar Removal



Fillers are injected under the skin to provide a youthful look to the individual. There are various types of fillers and before using a particular type the individual’s condition and needs are first ascertained.

The main purpose of using Wrinkle Filler Injection is to restore volume to the face and reduce facial wrinkles. With age, the subcutaneous fat reduces, and fine lines and wrinkles develop. The facial conditions that occur can also be due to sun exposure, genetic conditions, and lifestyles.


The Wrinkle treatment is directly injected into the muscle that causes the wrinkles. The power of the Wrinkle will relax the muscle, which will result in reduced wrinkles. Apart from wrinkles, other issues caused by the overactivity of muscles can also be treated using Wrinkle treatment.

The effect of a Wrinkle filler treatment can last up to 4 months. Forehead, wrinkles near the eyelids, the space between the eyebrows, ‘smokers’ lines’ on the lips, etc., can also be covered up using Wrinkle treatment. Wrinkle treatments are also used in combination with certain other cosmetic procedures like dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, chemical peels etc.


Ultherapy is the only FDA-cleared, non-invasive procedure that lifts the neck, chin and brow, and improves lines and wrinkles on the upper chest. Through the ultrasound imaging with Ultherapy, energy is delivered precisely to the place where it will benefit you most—for natural-looking results that improve over time.For those who are not ready for a surgical facelift, Ultherapy provides proven results in a single treatment for most patients. 

hifu ulthera
ulthera hifu



Thread facelift is one of the renowned and simple Non- surgical facelift treatments. This procedure is performed with extreme care to lift sagging skin. Invisible threads are placed below the skin in places where other procedures cannot reach and there is a healing time that is needed for this. It is an invasive procedure but it is a minimal invasion. Thread lift is a procedure that is mainly used for the face, the jowls, and the neck. The thread is passed through a needle and placed under the skin. The thread has graspers or cones to cling to the muscles under the skin.No deep tissue manipulation is done in a thread lift and there are no incisions that are made on the skin unlike in a surgical procedure. 

A thread facelift is a safe procedure compared to a facelift done by surgery. It reduces the sagging skin on the face and the neck and improves the jawline contours. This is in the main type of thread lift that is done but there is a second type which is the contour facelift. It uses clear thread and a small incision is made where the thread is placed under the skin and pulled back to smoothen the face and the skin. It is done without anesthesia but in some cases if the client finds it painful local anesthesia is used. When the threads are knotted they are hidden under the skin and there is practically no scarring that takes pale if the surgeon is skilled and has experience. The threads are made from polypropylene and are not absorbable.



Microdermabrasion treatment is also done at the clinic which a minimally abrasive instrument to sand the skin and rejuvenate it from skin damage. It helps to remove the thicker outer layers of the skin. The treatment of microdermabrasion is used for improving the discoloration of the skin, damage from sunlight, and light scars.


Removal of age spots and blackhead scarsThe types of improvements that this technique can perform are:

  • Lighten the patches of dark skin that appear

  • Exfoliating the rough outer skin surface

  • Reduce the stretch marks

  • Improve the wrinkles and lessen fine lines

  • Remove enlarged pores from the skin

  • Lighten or remove acne scars

There are microdermabrasion technologies that buff and polish the skin. In this technology, a stream of very fine crystals is used. At times a diamond tip is used. In some machines, there are suction processes that vacuum the loose facial skin. The procedure is not painful. After every session, there could be redness that can be removed by a calming moisturizer or a sun screen lotion which is applied once the procedure has been completed.


Vampire facials are done to improve the blood flow in the face by drawing out some blood for the facial and it is popular with many clients because of the results from it. It is also known as PRP treatment for the face. This is a cosmetic procedure where a person’s own blood is used to put plasma back into the skin. There is no question of rejection because it is the client’s own blood that is used. The client’s blood is drawn from the arm, the blood is centrifuged and the plasma is separated from the red blood cells to form PRP.

This plasma is added back to the face which is why it is called a vampire facial. In certain cases, the facial skin is poked with microneedles to help the absorption of plasma into the skin. Vampire facial helps in skin rejuvenation, smooth skin, and wrinkles.

Vampire Facial
face prp vampire facial
Chemical Peels


This is a technique that is used to improve the skin and the face tissues. A chemical solution is applied which exfoliates the skin making it wrinkle-free and smooth. Chemical peeling is a technique to improve the skin’s appearance in the face, neck, and hands. The technique uses a chemical solution to exfoliate the surface skin which blisters and peels off. The new skin that develops is smoother and has fewer wrinkles. The new skin is sensitive to sunlight. There are 3 types of chemical peels that are used for clients.

  1. Superficial Peel: It uses alpha hydroxyl acid solution to exfoliate the surface skin. It is used when mild skin discoloration has to be removed or to remove rough patchy skin.

  2. Medium Peel: This uses a solution of Glycolic or trichloroacetic acid which is used to penetrate the surface layer and the middle layers of the skin. It helps to remove age spots, wrinkles, and fine lines. It is also used to remove freckles.

  3. Deep Peel: This technique uses trichloroacetic or phenol acids to remove deeper wrinkles, age spots, shallow scars, and freckles.

chemical peel

These techniques when used can only be used once. Before embarking on chemical peel treatments it is important that the client consults the dermatologists and a thorough evaluation of the skin type and the skin condition is done.

Some of the other skin conditions for which chemical peeling can be used are acne scars, aging skin, fine lines, crow’s feet, pigmentation, melasma, other scars, sun-damaged skin, sagging skin, and wrinkles.

Chemical peeling improves the appearance of the skin. The fine lines are removed, the wrinkles lessen, mild scars fade, it is a good treatment for certain types of acne, it makes age spots and freckles lighter, sun-damaged areas of the skin improve. A client after a chemical peeling session needs to use a sunscreen lotion every day. The lotion should be able to protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays. The SPF of the lotion should be above 30.

Tattoo Removal


Tattoos are permanent designs that are etched into the sin with colors. To remove tattoos permanently takes months if not years.. Tattoo removal is done over a number of sessions it cannot be done in one sitting unless it is a small tattoo removal that is being considered. Natural remedies have been used earlier but it takes a long time.

When laser removal is done for tattoo removal which is the common method used today the particle is broken up and is digested in the immune system of the body. It takes up to 8 weeks for the regeneration to be complete. Laser tattoo removal is an expensive procedure and a dermatologist or a doctor needs to be consulted first to evaluate the condition of the skin.

tattoo removal

It is expensive because it requires several sessions and there is pre-removal treatment and post-removal treatment after each session that needs to be performed. Some of the other factors that are taken into account are the age of the tattoo, the ink density the composition of the ink, and depth at which the pigment has been inserted the colors, and the basic health of the client. The best tattoos are those that are supposed to last a lifetime because of which the depth of pigment insertion is deep and this causes issues while trying to remove tattoos from a person’s body. It is always better to go in for a clinical procedure rather than being done by anyone else.

skin whitening


Fairness treatment is a procedure that lightens the color of the complexion to make people look fairer. Any type of skin fairness treatment gives immediate results. It also improves the quality of the skin. The skin tone gains permanent fairness and a glow. The skin is rehydrated and the production of melanin is reduced. Skin fairness treatments can be done on all types of skin that are not broken, injured, or bruised. In such cases, a dermatologist needs to be consulted. Skin fairness cannot be obtained in one session and multiple sessions are required to complete the procedure safely without damaging the skin. Along with fairness home treatment is also essential to take care of the skin to maintain the tone and the complexion after the fairness procedure has been carried out.​

Skin whitening

There are several different types of skin fairness treatments. The popular ones are:

  • Arbutin: It is a procedure that uses an anti-pigmentation solution for body whitening. The solution is made from bearberry. It also helps to fade freckles, stretch marks, and aging spots that occur. It is a natural treatment and does not have any side effects.

  • Detan Treatment: This is mainly used for facials but it can also be used for body lightening. It is a radiance facial that is used in the body which lightens the color of the skin and gives the body a glow. Chemicals are used for the lightning process and enzymes containing copper are used to stop the production of melanin which is responsible for pigmentation.

  • Laser Treatment: In this type of procedure the uneven skin tone is exposed to a beam of light. Due to the high energy, the dark skin cells are destroyed in the different skin layers. This results in a fairer complexion. The rejuvenated skin is glowing skin and is bright without any flaws. The laser treatment is known as laserabrasion.

  • Skin Whitening Surgery: This is another procedure that is used for skin fairness and body fairness. It has lasting effects and is a safe procedure. There are 3 types of such surgery that are performed and the type to use for a client depends on the evaluation of the skin properties by a dermatologist. Surgery is generally recommended by dermatologists for clients who want immediate results and or lightening black skin.

scar removal


scar removal

There are many types of scars that a dermatologist has to treat.

  • Keloid Scars: When the healing process is aggressive then such scars take place. It can also hamper movement. Some of the types of treatment that are used are surgery, steroid – injections, silicone sheets, or cryotherapy which uses liquid nitrogen. Gel pads and pressure treatment are also used for Keloid scars.

  • Contracture Scars: When skin gets burned then such scars occur. It tightens the skin because of scarring and hampers movement. Contracture scars are deep and can affect muscle and nerves.

  • Hypertrophic Scars: These scars are reddish and are raised from the surface of the skin. Treatment for such scars that are generally used is steroid injected into the afflicted area or silicone sheets to flatten the scars.

  • Acne Scars: Acne scars last long but can be removed. These scars can be deep pits that form or angular. When treated properly the acne scars can fade permanently.

There are various types of methods that are used for scar treatment and depending upon the skin type of the individual the treatment method is decided after consultation with the client. All the scar removal procedures are safe and done by experienced professionals. Any kind of injury burns or physical trauma can cause scars on the skin of an individual. What any person must come to terms with is that a scar never really goes away it can be only be lightened or faded to a great extent. When any type of injury or bruise heals it leaves behind a scar. Some scars are temporary and some scars are permanent.

There are various types of scar treatment depending upon the type of scarring that has taken place. Some of these could be prescription creams or ointments that are available over the counter. Other types of treatments are skin grafts, excision, laser surgery, or dermabrasion where the skin of other parts of the body is used to remove or improve the conditions of the scars. If the scarring has caused muscle or movement or nerve impairment then steroid injections are given depending upon what the dermatologist thinks is the best treatment. Collagen and fillers are also used to remove scars or minimize the visible scar from an individual’s body. Collagen and fillers are however not permanent solutions for scarring.

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