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Sareen hair clinic introduces at home hair treatment kit. This Hair Treatment kit has everything you need for strong and healthy hair! This kit is useful for Baldness Hair Thinning Dandruff Hair Breakage Dull and Damaged hair Instructions to use - In this kit you have Hair Regrowth booster Anti Dandruff Lotion Hair Rejuvenator Hair Fertiliser Dermaroller Cap Biotin - 30 Capsules Hair Repair Conditioner Morning - Wash your head with a mild shampoo or SHC Shampoo Use the hair conditioner provided - twice a week Spray anti dandruff lotion all over your scalp Apply hair regrowth booster on top of anti dandruff lotion Use dermaroller on the scalp - for 15 mins Evening - Spray anti dandruff lotion on scalp After 7 days of starting this kit - use hair fertiliser on your scalp - alternate day Hair rejuvenator - oil based. Can be applied over hair fertiliser. Use hair rejuvenator once a week. Take Cap Biotin - once every day after breakfast You can wash your hair once / twice a week as you like Use hair conditioner only when you shampoo your hair For any other queries - Contact 7678697036 .

Sareen Hair Treatment Kit

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