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hair transplant

ABOUT Sareen Hair Clinic

We are India's most experienced hair restoration clinic, supplying permanent hair transplant methods and non-surgical baldness solutions. Sareen Hair Clinic not only prides itself on being the finest hair clinic but also having the very best skin and body care treatments for your glowing skin and body. We are hair specialists based in New Delhi, India. The practice is led by Dr. S.Sareen, who has over 40 years of experience in the health care world and is making a dramatic difference in people's lives by blending both surgical and non-surgical methods to revive hair.

Robotic hair Transplant

Hair transplant results

Sareen Hair Clinic uses the automated hair transplant technique which gives us ready grafts with no manual intervention unlike a traditional FUE.Robotic hair transplantation is the best achievement in the field of Hair Transplants. The robotic systems are utilized in this procedure to accomplish perfection and higher efficiency in order to offer outstanding results.The image-guided robotic method will aid in helping us with a robotic arm that does exactly the follicular unit extraction (FUE) extraction. It is usually time-consuming to remove the grafts from the back of the mind and it requires a lot of concentration by the surgeon.However, here the robotic system which would be guided by the physician would have the ability to reproduce the angle, penetration depth and consistency to give very pleasant grafts for harvesting. The robot machine removes hair grafts one by one and are going to be able to implant them as well.Sareen Hair Clinic delivers robotic hair transplant at affordable prices.

Fue hair transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is a surgical hair transplant procedure to revive the lost hair. Prior to going to the procedure steps, it’s necessary to have a little bit of understanding of the hair structure. The hair shafts could be observed above the epidermis and also the follicular units stay on the surface. A hair thinning unit consists of 1-4 hairs. The main objective of the hair transplant process would be to relocate the intra-follicular units from the donor site (usually, the trunk side of the mind ) to the recipient (bald) areas.In the FUE hair transplant process, the follicular units are extracted individually from the scalp using a small, sharp cylindrical punch. The extracted follicular units are then transplanted into the recipient area individually. The process employs an automated extraction tool to remove the grafts and then place them in the recipient area. FUE doesn’t need stitches or sutures.

hair transplant results

Microhair transplant

microhair transplant results sareen

Micro hair transplant is a complex technique developed lately. This can be used by hair restoration surgeons nowadays quite effectively. Micro baldness is used today to give a natural look with minimal marks on the donor or around the donor region. Micro hair transplant for mega density will present you with a natural look with thick hair. Hair transplant patients will be individuals with varying issues of hair loss. Thus, it’s based on their own issues and problems the physicians suggest the type of hair transplantation. Anyhow, folks opt for high-density micro- hair transplant, in which a fine needle of 1mm size is utilized to carry out the process. Due to the flaw of time, recently everyone wants to get the hair replacement achieved in a short time span in short sittings. The use of a good needle of 1mm size leaves small damage to the scalp and in addition, it decreases the recovery period. The patients, after high- density hair transplantation or HDHT, leaves the hospital wearing a normal cap or with a tiny bandage to protect the donor site. They could move to the ordinary life process soon after this procedure.

Direct implant transplant

Direct implant is becoming a remarkably popular method as it is by far the most advanced hair restoration methods available today. The direct hair transplant process using direct implants is completely quick and painless. The process doesn’t require eliminating any region of the entire scalp. Hair transplant surgery, incisions, donor site etc., aren’t required for direct implant baldness. Immediate transplant is regarded as the newest procedure after FUE. The procedure is also known as’no origin signature technique’.- A procedure where simultaneous extraction and placement of grafts is done to ensure minimum exposure of grafts and surgery time.

fue hair transplant results

Celebrity hair transplant

celebrity hair transplant

Celebrity/ Hollywood Hair Transplant is a revolutionary hair transplant technique. The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery has recognised instant long hair transplant as an effective and safe hair restoration method. In this method, artificial hair is implanted into the recipient area as a replacement of natural hair. The bio-hair used in this procedure will be having a length of 15 to 30 cm. The results are instant and natural. If the patient need to add more thickness to the artificial hair, another transplant surgery for thickening the hair can also be done combined with the hollywood hair transplant procedure.

Face & body hair transplant

EYEBROW TRANSPLANT has been a procedure only for burn victims and people who have certain conditions that stop hair growth in the eyebrow area. In recent days, people began to consider eyebrow transplants as a cosmetic procedure to enhance their beauty and visual appeal. A Perfect candidate for eyebrow transplant could be one with: Overly thin eyebrows, Scarred eyebrows and Entirely missing eyebrows

BEARD TRANSPLANT has become a very popular cosmetic procedure today. People choose beard transplants for various reasons. A beard can cover sunburns, scars, and sideburns, and can act as a symbol of manliness. People choose to grow a beard as a trend. There are some factors that may prevent natural beard growth in people:

  • Skin trauma

  • Burns or scarring

  • Trichotillomania

  • Past surgery

  • Systemic illness etc



beard transplant

Hair Transplant Results
100% Natural & Safe

before after results hair transplant



  • Robotic hair Transplant

  • FUE Hair Transplant

  • Microhair transplant

  • Direct implant transplant

  • Celebrity hair transplan

  • Face & body hair transplant


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